Celebrate Boozy's 5th Birthday Sale with a chance for 2 Buffet Passes to NIU by Vikings and many more!

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Boozy's 5th Birthday Sale
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Birthdays are always a festive occasion that typically includes food, drinks, and giving of gifts. And just like any other birthday, Boozy’s birthday will also be a celebration, as Boozy will have its 5th Birthday Sale which takes place on June 24-26 and includes discounts, freebies, and customer-friendly deals on many of its products. 

There are plenty of brands that you can purchase on affordable deals as part of Boozy’s birthday sale, such as Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam, Jameson, Chivas Regal, and many more. Those who love a quality drink and want to visit Boozy look forward to discounts such as up to 55% off some of their products, freebies, and gifts from many of your favorite brands. 

Boozy’s 5th Birthday Sale

To top it all off, Boozy’s 5th Birthday Sale entails an exciting raffle with a chance to win two (2) Buffet Passes to NIU by Vikings (for a minimum purchase of P2,500)! More entries, more chances of winning.


Boozy Jim Beam
Boozy Maker's Mark

Some of the deals that customers can look forward to as part of Boozy’s birthday sale includes four free cans of Strong Zero Double Grapefruit 350ml for every purchase of the Jim Beam White 750ml (P599). Customers who will purchase the Maker’s Mark 750ml (P1,199), meanwhile, will also get eight cans of the Strong Zero Double Grapefruit 350ml. Those who wish to get a 24-can case of the Rio Strong Peach 330m (P2,112), Rio Strong Lemon 330ml (P2,112), Rio Strong Grapefruit 330ml (P2,112), and the Rio Strong Calamansi 330ml (P2,112) will get two free cans of the Rio Strong Calamansi 330ml.  



Boozy Emperador Coffee
Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey
Evan Williams Honey

If you’re a fan of the Emperador Coffee Brandy 750ml (P894), buying a six-pack of it includes two free bottles as part of the Boozy birthday sale! Meanwhile, those who wish to get the Evan Williams Honey 375ml (P499) and the Evan Williams Black 375ml (P499) will get another one free for every purchase.



Strong Zero Shekwasha
Strong Zero Double Lemon



For those who love canned alcoholic drinks that boast of different flavors while maintaining their freshness such as Strong Zero and Horoyoi, Boozy offers buy four, take one promo for these products as part of its birthday sale. Among the flavors included in this promo are the Strong Zero Shekwasha 350ml (P99), Strong Zero Double Lemon 350ml (P99), and the Strong Zero Double Grapefruit 350ml (P99). For Horoyoi, customers can avail of this deal when buying the Horoyoi Apple 350ml (P79), Horoyoi Hapikle 350ml (P79), Horoyoi Peach 350ml (P79), Horoyoi Peach & Orange 350ml (P79), Horoyoi White Sour 350ml (P79), and the Horoyoi Yuzu Lemonade 350ml (P79)



Monkey Shoulder

What birthday celebration would be complete without gifts? Boozy’s birthday sale also includes exciting freebies for every purchase of some of its products, such as glasses, bags, and many more. For instance, getting two bottles of Hendrick’s 700ml (P2,150) includes a free Hendrick's balloon glass set of four. A purchase of two bottles of Monkey Shoulder 700ml (P2,099), meanwhile, will give you a free Monkey Shoulder tote bag, which is similar to the summer tote bag that you will get with a purchase of the Tanqueray 750ml (P899). 


Glenfiddich 12 Year Old
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whisky

A purchase of the Glenfiddich 12 Year Old (P2,449), meanwhile, gives customers a free highball glass, while two bottles of the classic Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whisky 1L (P1,649) will get you a free Jack Daniel’s plastic carafe.


Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon
Cinzano Prosecco

Fans of the Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml (P1,398) will also receive a free Carnivor wine opener for every purchase of a bundle of two, while every purchase of the Cinzano Prosecco 750ml (P799) will avail of a free Campari Bitter 50ml. 


Jameson Irish WhiskeyChivas Regal 12 Year OldArbor Mist Peach Moscato

Other gifts included in the deal are four free Jameson Mason Jars for every two bottles of the Jameson Irish Whiskey 1L (P2,798), and a free Chivas bucket hat for every purchase of the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old 1L (P1,399). Two bottles of the Arbor Mist Peach Moscato (P399), meanwhile, will get you a free Arbor Mist flute glass, while buying the Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz 750ml (P5,649) gives customers a free wine aerator, while the Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 750ml (P2,749) includes a free red metallic decanter. 



Don Papa
Santa Ana Gin

Those who love alcoholic drinks from the Philippines such as the premium-aged, single island rum Don Papa or the tall, crisp, and refreshing Santa Ana Gin, Boozy offers 10%off on some of their products as part of its birthday sale. Customers can enjoys this discount on the Don Papa Masskara Spiced Rum 700ml (P1,299), Don Papa Rum 7-Year-Old 700ml (P1,499), Don Papa 7-Year-Old 200ml 3-Pack (P1,499), Don Papa Darker Don Cocktail Pack (P747), Don Papa 7-Year-Old 700ml Green Glass Pack (P1,750), Santa Ana Gin 700ml (P1,699), and the Santa Ana Gin 700ml Bundle of Two (P3,398).



Free Wine Glass with Jacob’s Creek wines

Customers who prefer wines such as Australia’s finest Jacob’s Creek will also get P100 off on some of their products as part of Boozy’s birthday sale. They can receive a discount for every purchase of Jacob's Creek Chardonnay 750ml (P599), Jacob’s Creek Sauvignon Blanc 750ml (P599), Jacob’s Creek Riesling 750ml (P599), Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Rosé 750ml (P599), Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml (P599), Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet 750ml (P599), Jacob’s Creek Merlot 750ml (P599), Jacob's Creek Dots Moscato 750ml (P649), and the Jacob’s Creek Dots Moscato Rose 750ml (P649).

The Boozy birthday sale also includes deals of up to 50% off for some of its products, such as a 50% off for the Marques De Riscal Baron De Chirel 750ml (P2,249), 35% off for the Marques De Riscal Finca Torrea 750ml (P1,526), and 10% off for the Marques de Riscal Gran Reserva 750ml (P2,789). Buying the Nordes Gin 700ml (P1,850), meanwhile, gives customers P400 off, while the Inedit Damm Bottle 330ml 4-Pack (P1,136has 5% off. And finally, both the Phraya Rum 750ml (P4,399) and the Mekhong Rum 700ml (P1,119) have 20% discounts for every purchase. 


From discounts, affordable deals, and freebies, the Boozy birthday sale has everything customers want! The sale runs from June 24-26, and everyone is invited to celebrate Boozy’s birthday by getting discounts on their favorite products!