Celebrate 4 years of Boozy with Boozy’s Birthday Sale!

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Boozy’s Birthday Sale
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For four years, you have chosen Boozy to be a part of your birthdays, promotions, and e-numans. No matter if you are celebrating a big achievement or just want to enjoy a simple dinner, you have chosen Boozy to be with you every step of the way. That’s why after four amazing years, we would like to show our gratitude for making us one of your drinking buddies. Boozy’s 4th Birthday Celebration is all about the experiences you’ve had for the past four years. It’s a celebration of your favorite movies, music, food, and promos! Here’s a list of our top drinks with our favorite films, songs, snacks, and our birthday promos you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Boozy Birthday Playlist with Denise Silva of DAYDREAM x Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

Welcome the #BoozyBirthdaySale with bangers and a playlist curated by Denise Silva of DAYDREAM!

Daydream Fall N 4 U

Image from @itsdenisesilva

As a new artist group, they give us glimpses of BLACKPINK but what makes it better is that they are a local group. Get into a festive mood by starting out with their debut single track, Fallin’ 4 U. 

Can you drink red wine in summer?

Image from @yellowtailau

Top it off by pairing it with a Yellowtail Cabernet Sauvignon, vibrant, velvety, rich and best enjoyed whilst young. This Australian wine is a classic, with notes of juicy blackcurrants, sweet mocha and spice. Check out Denise's curated playlist here!


2. My Hero Academia x Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L Bundle of 2 (P249 off)

Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L

Image from @johnniewalkerph

The best thing about celebrations is we get to decide how we enjoy ourselves. One can never go wrong with a classic Johnnie Walker Black Label bottle as we relax with one of the top anime’s of recent years, My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia is turning out to be one of the classic anime storylines. Watch the journey of Izuku Midoriya as he pursues his dream of becoming a hero. Pair this classic anime with 2 bottles of this classic Scotch whiskey with a smooth finish, perfect for your movie night with your friends. 

3. Nevertheless x Yellow Tail Pink Moscato 750ml

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato

Image from @yellowtailau

Fall in love with one of the newest K-Drama hits of today in Nevertheless and Yellow Tail Pink Moscato.  Celebrate love and romance with one of the finest wines out there in the form of this lovely Moscato that you and your significant other would definitely enjoy during your date night. This spirit soothes your date nights with refreshing strawberry flavors with hints of sherbet and floral notes. A sweet and delicate experience just like the pairing of Park Jae Eon and Yoo Na Bi. 

4. Shawshank Redemption x Tanqueray 750ml


Image from @tanquerayph

Get inspired with one of Hollywood’s best dramatic pictures to hit the big screen, Shawshank Redemption. Enjoy this timeless classic from the ’90s with a timeless bottle of Tanqueray London Dry Gin. A smooth and balanced gin that is sure to keep you company for your movie nights. Each sip contains a balance of juniper, coriander, angelica, and licorice. Also best served with tonic water and lime for that elegant Gin & Tonic experience. 

5. Hey Ho Garage Burgers’ Chook-O Salamanca and Heineken 330ml 6 Pack


Image from @heineken

Craving for authentic Latino flavors and spices? Hey Ho Garage Burgers from Ayala Cupang will definitely have you grabbing your phone to place an order for their Chook-O Salamanca Burger. Their signature Mexican Fried Chicken sandwich is filled with chunky salsa roja, avocado crema, refried beans, Cholula-honey drizzle, and freshly shredded lettuce to balance the strong flavors. This sandwich is perfect for going all-in on a busy day. If you’re going all-in you might as well go big and nothing’s as big as Heineken’s 330ml 6 pack filled with a crisp balanced taste. Brewed and processed for 28 days to achieve that refreshing crisp hint that balances the flavorful Chook-O Salamanca. 

6. Pizzulu Ph (North) x Buy 1 Take 1 Three Hens White

Buy 1 Take 1 Three Hens White

Image from @threehenswine

For a weekend with friends and family, Pizzulu should definitely be a staple go-to meal. After almost a year of operations, this new pizza brand has come to be a game-changer and one of the top pizzas you can find in the metro. All their pies are best complemented with their signature truffle honey sauce that gives an earthy but elegant flavor to your pie. Top it off with sunny bottles of Three Hens White. Now in a buy 1 take 1 deal, you won’t run out of this refreshing spirit. Each bottle is sure to give you that fruity taste and fresh aroma that is well paired with the pies of Pizzulu. 

7. House of Birria Ph x Strong Zero Double Lemon 350ml

Strong Zero Double Lemon

Image from @SuntoryGlobal

House of Birria is a household name with its Premium Beef Birria and Arroz Birria tacos. Offering authentic Mexican Birria tacos that capture the Latino flavors in each bite. This taco truly has the makings of a delicacy for its customers. For a meal that’s filled with rich savory flavors, Strong Zero Double Lemon is a perfect partner to cap the meal off. This drink gives that citrus and tropical flavor of lemon zest with the signature refreshing kick that Strong Zero has in every can. Definitely an exciting pairing for you to try. 


We did say this is a Birthday Celebration and this is more than just the usual pairings list you need. More surprises and more promos are in store for you from us at Boozy. Since it’s our fourth year of drinking with you we are more than happy to open more bottles and more memories with you for the years to come. Here are our birthday promos and deals that you might want to try out. 

1. 20% off on Crows Gin Barrel Reserve

Crows Gin Barrel Reserve

Get a great discount off on this premium distilled bottle of gin. Crows Barrel Reserve Gin is one of the finest bottles out there with 23 botanicals that are rested on medium-charred American oak barrels that get you that caramel sweetness with natural spice at the end. 

2. Bulleit Bourbon 1L (P410 off on Bday Sale)

Bulleit Bourbon 1L

Image from @bulleitwhiskey

High rye content, bold, spicy, yet smooth and clean. That’s what Bulleit Bourbon is all about. Get a bottle of this Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey at the comfort of your own home. With 410 pesos off there’s no reason for you to pass up on this offer anytime soon. 

3. Tequila Ocho Blanco 15% off 

Tequila Ocho Blanco 15% off

Tequila is always best served with other people. That’s why in celebration of Boozy’s birthday “more” is definitely “merrier”. Get more of this fine and balanced spirit for you and your friends with the 15% off 5+1 trade deal available with Boozy.

4. Tequila Ocho Reposado 15% off 

Tequila Ocho Reposado 15% off

Another gift from us to you. You can never have enough Tequila. Keep the party going with Tequila Ocho Reposado at 15% off with a 5+1 trade deal. Experience that agave flavor with hints of almond and vanilla. 

5. Plantation 3 stars 20% off 

Plantation 3 stars 20% off

Image from @planatation.rum

This bottle is a tribute to the historic origins of rum produced in the Caribbean. A suave blend of flavors from Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad. Combining structure, richness, and hints of root beer and egg cream, this drink is sure to keep you in that celebratory mood. 

6. Plantation Original Dark 20% off

Plantation Original Dark 20% off

Image from @planatation.rum

This Dark Rum from Maison Ferrand is what celebration is about. Flavors of caramel, pecan, and tropical fruit greet one's palate in every sip. This elegant bottle is best partnered in various cocktails to keep your celebrations lively and unique

Celebrating life’s biggest achievements can be done in different ways. Whether Boozy’s drink goes with watching your favorite shows, dancing to your go-to playlists, or snacking on your favorite bite, one thing is for sure; it’s always best celebrated with others. 

Share this moment with your friends and family because they are the ones who have kept you close all this time, just like you’ve kept us close for the past four years. Here’s to making more moments and more celebrations for years to come. For your next celebration, check out more offers at Boozy’s Birthday Sale Collection Page