6 WeTV Films & Shows to Pair with Boozy’s 6 Top Wines

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WeTV Films & Shows to Pair with Boozy’s 6 Top Wines
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TRIVIA: We used to celebrate Mother’s Day in the Philippines in December. We have our first female President - and herself a Mother - Cory Aquino to thank for Proclamation No. 266 formally proclaiming the third Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

Fast forward to today, Mother’s Day has become one of the country’s favorite Hallmark holidays. Not only do we have what can largely be considered a matriarchal society at its core, it’s just a big deal for Filipinos to show love to their moms. 

We have laid out several wine recommendations that best go with our movie recommendations. From flavors of black fruit in a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to the juicy citrus and apple flavors of a light and crisp unoaked Chardonnay, we’ve got the whole spectrum of movie preferences covered. What better way to show love to our Moms by spending quality time watching movies and drinking some wine together, right? 

Make sure to keep your eyes glued because here are 6 WeTV Films & Shows to Pair with Boozy’s 6 Top Wines: (Download the WeTV App here to win a VIP Access for mom! Full details at the end of this article.)

1. The World of the Married x Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

The World of the Married

The first six episodes offer a self-contained saga of betrayal and revenge. It is far from your typical revenge stories as it explores the gray area of infidelity. With remarkable cinematography and well-written screenplay, there’s no question why The World of the Married is the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history.

Starring Kim Hee-ae and Park Hae-joon, the story expands on the motive behind cheating and how it affects the parties involved. This K-Drama is as intense as the dark fruit aromas and deep inky red color of Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s the perfect wine to watch The World of Married with as it gives you a velvety taste framed with rich flavors of dark berries, coffee, mocha, and toasted oak, all backed by a distinctive smoothness and a lingering, silky finish. 

2. Die Beautiful x Yellow Tail Merlot 750ml

Die Beautiful

Pinoys loved this back in 2016 when it came out in the cinemas and owned its label as an MMFF 2016 Hit. Starring Paolo Ballesteros, Christian Bables, Joel Torre, and Gladys Reyes, friends attend the wake of Trisha (Ballesteros), a Filipino transgender woman. They look back into her life as she faces the adversities and triumphs of living as a transgender in Filipino society.

Ballesteros delivers an awe-standing performance here, highlighting the life of a Filipino transgender woman and serving as a voice to those who have not spoken about it. Appreciate all forms of life with Mom and this movie when you pair it with this value wine, Yellow Tail Merlot. The movie is as heartwarming as wine’s flavor that includes red berry and cherry fruit with a hint of mint. 

3. Sky Castle x Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rosé 750ml

Sky Castle

Does the end justify the means? This satirical K-Drama revolves around a group of upper-class parents in South Korea who will do anything to get their children into Seoul National University in order to become doctors. If you are into shows about money and power, you will definitely enjoy this show starring Jung-ah Yum, Tae-ran Lee, and Yun Se-ah.

The show will give you a glimpse of the luxurious and prestigious lifestyle of the families living in the Sky Castle - a neighborhood in South Korea exclusive to only those who can afford it. The show is best complemented with Jacob’s Creek Rosé. Best enjoyed with delicious spicy cuisine like an Indian curry, this rosé is enveloped with flavors of ripe, sun-kissed strawberries and other red berry fruits that will give you a long finish. 

4. My 2 Mommies x Barefoot Pink Moscato 750ml

My 2 Mommies

Reliving the plot of Lino Brocka’s Ang Tatay Kong Nanay (1978), about a gay man who is played by Quizon’s father Dolphy, portrays the role of a foster father to the son of a part-time lover.

Starring Paolo Ballesteros, Solenn Heussaff, and Maricel Soriano, this is a story about an accidental affair leading to a story of a unique family set up where Ballesteros and Heussaff play mother to the same child. Just the right amount of ‘drama and feel-good juice’ for some Barefoot Pink Moscato with mom! Packed with full flavors of juicy cherries, tart raspberries, and sweet pomegranates, this wine is perfect for your next girls’ night.

5. Abakada.. Ina x Bread and Butter Chardonnay 2017 750ml

Abakada Ina

Abakada Ina is a film about mothers’ love. Nothing can get more dramatic than a story about a mother clashing with her mother-in-law. Directed by Eddie Garcia, starring Philippine veterans Lorna Tolentino, Albert Martinez, Nida Blanca, this show will take you through a whirlwind of emotions. 

Estella and Daniel fall in love and start a family together with three beautiful daughters. Daniel’s mother, Matilda, was never a fan of Estella and would constantly criticize her for the way she raises her children. This drama best goes well with a fine bottle of Bread and Butter Chardonnay.  With 13.5% ABV, this Chardonnay opens with rich notes of vanilla bean and almond husk that will remind you of crème brûlée. The creamy notes are balanced by a soft minerality and hints of tropical fruits.

6. Imperfect Love x Apothic Red 750ml 

Imperfect Love

This Chinese Drama proves the strength of mothers. It tackles the perspective of women finding lightness in the dark. Elementary teacher, Lin Xu Zhi, who was abandoned by her birth mother, discovers that one of her students is being abused by her own mother. Her maternal instincts impulsively take her student into her own home. 

While taking care of her student, Xiao Ou, the two find solace in each other and heal from their “mommy issues”. This K-drama is perfect with a masterful red blend wine, Apothic Red. With the richness of Zinfandel smooth Merlot, flavorful Syrah, and a bold Cabernet Sauvignon, the unique elements come together and create a red blend of dark red fruit, vanilla, and mocha layers.

Nothing beats spending time with your mom. This Mother’s Day, show some love by giving her two special gifts: quality time and great wine. 

So after you grab your mom’s favorite wines and you finished this list of films and shows, make sure to tune in here on WeTV! Not only will you get a glimpse of these groundbreaking films and shows, but you can also redeem a VIP Access to WeTV when you log in or make an account. Download the WeTV App here and hurry so mom can have one too!

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