5 Facts about Italian Wine

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5 Facts about Italian Wine
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Italy. Where do we even begin? 

From the soothing sounds of the waters flowing by the walls of Venice’s ancient palazzi to the headquarters of ancient art and fashion in Milan, Italy is considered the birthplace of Western civilization and a cultural powerhouse. The country is most famous for its contributions to art, literature, fashion, architecture, politics, food, wine, and so on.

“Made in Italy '' is a concept in fashion that expresses the excellence of creativity and craftsmanship. Prada, Armani, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta are among the legendary fashion brands that were born in Italy. Some of the world’s most renowned structures, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Colosseum are found in the country. And of course, Italian food and wine culture is very much alive and strong not only in the country but all over the world.

Italy is a place where food, wine, and love are immensely intertwined. Italian cuisine is considered a form of art by many, since each region offers something unique. Enthusiasts of food and wine visit Italy to seek passion and adventure. Thin crust pizza cooked to perfection in a brick charcoal oven, pasta cooked al dente that comes in different shapes, widths, and lengths, and vino that speaks the truth. 

Here are some facts about Italian wine and some of Boozy’s recommendations: 

1. Italy is the Largest Wine Producer of the World with over 2,000 Grape Varieties

With a majestic 702,000 hectares or 1,734,680 acres of wine vineyards, Italy dominates the global wine industry. It contributes an annual average of 48.3 million hl of wine (19 percent of the global wine market) ahead of France (17 percent) and Spain (15 percent). Italians have an insatiable appetite for wine - I mean, if you were living in a beautiful country that produces some of the best wines worldwide, it only makes sense to love your own, right?  Each person in Italy consumes an average of 42 liters of wine, making them the fifth in world wine consumption.

2. All 20 Regions in Italy Produce Wine that Reflects the Region’s Famous Cuisine

Wine is produced in all 20 regions of Italy, home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. Wine enthusiasts from all around the world visit Italy to tour the world’s finest wine vineyards.

Each wine region in the country has its own unique characteristic and flavor profile reflecting the cuisine of that particular area. You will be able to see how each dish was created with the region’s leading wine in mind. For example, Marche’s fried olives are perfectly matched for the bright acidity of Verdicchio white wine. In Tuscany, Bistecca Florentina – a 3- to 4-inch thick T-Bone steak grilled over wood is the ideal pairing for the rich and velvety Chianti wine made from Sangiovese grapes.

3. Italy Produces over 2,000 Different Grape Varieties

The immense range of Italian wines available covers more than 2,000 different grape varieties. Internationally famous Italian wine regions are Tuscany, Piedmont, and Veneto, with their respective native grapes - Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, and Corvina.

4. The Veneto Produces Over a Third of the Entire Wine Production of Italy

The Veneto is Italy’s center of wine production. Although slightly smaller than other wine producing cities like Tuscany, Lombardy, and Sicily, it generates more wine than the rest. In this city, you will also find some of Italy’s most reputable and respectable wines such as fine Soave and sparkling Prosecco.

5. The Italian Peninsula was Once Known As the Land of Wine

When the Ancient Greeks arrived in Italy in the 8th century, they found potential for grape cultivation, and named the land Oenotria, “The Land of Wine”. No doubt, wine production and consumption continued to flourish in Italy for centuries. The oldest traces of Italian wine were discovered in a cave near Sicily’s southwest cove. 

Here are Boozy’s Italian Recommendations:

1. Ormanni Chianti Classico 750ml 

Ormanni Chianti Classico

Omani Chianti Classico originated from Tuscany, one of the most exceptional and prolific wine producers from all around Europe. A bottle of Ormanni Chianti Classico is also considered one of the highest-quality Chianti. It is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes.

Ruby red in color, with an intense and fruity aroma and a soft and balanced flavor, this wine combines pride, elegance, fruitiness and great drinkability.

2. Masseria Altemura-Puglia Sasseo Primitivo Salento 750ml

Masseria Altemura-Puglia Sasseo Primitivo Salento

Photo from @masseriaaltemura

Sasseo is the embodiment of the wish to create a Primitivo with a strong personality. Today, it is one of the most internationally successful wines from Puglia. Its name (alluding to sasso, ‘stone’ in Italian) expresses its direct relationship to the calcareous ‘stones’ that emerges from Salento’s red soil, forming a mirror-like surface that reflects the sun. Its unmistakable style is a perfect combination of freshness and softness, and it has a structure with just the right balance of complexity and density.

Made from 100% Primitivo grapes from Salento, Puglia, this bottle reveals intense and full aromas that recall plum, red fruit jam with sweet accents of spices on the nose. On the palate - full-bodied, in the mouth it is enveloping, warm, soft and expresses a very ripe fruitiness, supported by a pleasant texture of sweet tannins.

3. Castello del Poggio Moscato d’Asti 750ml

Castello del Poggio Moscato d’Asti

Photo from @castellodelpoggio

Originating from Piemonte and made from 100% Moscato Blanco, this bottle has scents of musk and peach, with deeper notes of honey and white flower on the nose. On the palate, it is light, with an agile, elegant – yet compact – structure. Medium freshness and low minerality make this wine a pleasure to drink.

This is excellent throughout the meal, but also with desserts, mild to semi aged cheeses, and fresh fruit. Also delicious with ice cream, or just on its own as an accompaniment to conversation among friends. 

4. Ruffino Romitorio Di Santedame Toscana 750ml

Ruffino Romitorio Di Santedame Toscana

Ruffino is an icon in Tuscany. It’s a bottle of wine that’s filled with incredible depth, rich in well-integrated undertones, cohesive and sincere, an earnest expression of Sangiovese. This wine was created to celebrate the importance of research into Tuscan native grapes, to which Ruffino has always devoted energy and resources. It is a distinctive wine, made in limited quantities, which pays tribute to a glorious past and a bright future.

Deep ruby red in color, black in the center. This bottle is enveloped with enticing aromas of leather, cherries and plums, plus woody notes, vanilla and gentle spices on the nose. On the palate, it’s blueberry jam is the prelude to strong tannins that are well integrated with the solid body and dynamic structure. Intense, enigmatic and complex.

5. Atilius Nobilis Chianti DOCG 750ml

Atilius Nobilis Chianti DOCG

Atilius is produced in the timeless Tuscany region of central Italy, with vineyards spread across hilly rolling valleys. Atilius represents Tuscany and its classic Italian charms. It has a charismatic character, elegant and confident. The labeling combination of black and silver colors demonstrates the complexity and sophistication of the brand’s richness in every drop.

With 13% ABV and intense ruby red color, it envelops with fruity and complex hints of cherry on the nose that gives off a smooth and velvety finish. It’s great to pair with grilled or red meats.


If you want to have a taste of Italy, grab our Italian wine bundles and pair them with the Italian food that matches it accordingly. Unwind a bit and escape the hustle and bustle of life by treating yourself to some fancy Italian wine. For all food and lovers out there, this region is something you should definitely explore more! There’s no better way to learn about wine than to taste it. Grab your Italian Wine from us now.