10 Last-Minute Gift Shopping Ideas from Boozy

Article published at: 2021年12月22日 Article tag: featured-posts
10 Last-Minute Gift Shopping Ideas from Boozy
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With Christmas only a few days away, many people are still busy trying to complete shopping for gifts and looking for the perfect present for their relatives, friends, or colleagues. Thankfully, going to malls that are likely full of shoppers isn’t the only option to shop for Christmas gifts. These days, people can now simply shop online to look for different presents they can give on Christmas. 

And for your loved ones who love the occasional drink, the Boozy website offers a large selection of alcoholic drinks which can serve the perfect Christmas gift. Some of these drinks are even packaged just for the holidays and come with freebies. Here are ten of Boozy’s top drinks which can be the right gift for your relatives, friends, and colleagues:

1. Sporty Cousin x Jameson Holiday Gift 2021

Jameson Holiday Gift 2021

The Jameson Irish Whiskey is an Irish blend of traditional pot still and grain whiskey that is triple distilled and aged for a minimum of five years in a combination of American oak and sherry casks. This meticulous process creates a quality drink that has a smooth and distinct flavor. The holiday gift version of this drink is the perfect present for your cousin who watches and plays sports, as they can have a glass of the Jameson Irish Whiskey after playing their favorite sport or after watching their favorite team compete. 

2. Weeb Friend x Beefeater Holiday Gift 2021

Beefeater Holiday Gift 2021

Described as a quintessential London dry gin made with big juniper character and strong citrus notes, the Beefeater is another quality drink that claims the title of being The World’s Most Awarded Gin. It is a versatile drink, a fresh, clean, and crisp gin with notes of juniper, citrus, and fruit edge that is balanced by the spice of coriander and the earthiness of angelica. The Beefeater is a versatile drink, able to blend with different flavors. This would make this gin the perfect gift for your friend who is into anime, which also covers different genres. Whether it’s an action-packed series or a lighthearted romance story, the Beefeater can be their perfect companion on their next drink.  

3. Gamer Brother x Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L + Gold Gift Bag with Note Card

ohnnie Walker Black Label 1L

The Johnnie Walker Black Label is a classic and needs no introduction as it is a benchmark for other deluxe blend drinks. The Black Label is created using only whiskies from the four corners of Scotland and aged for a minimum of 12 years, and the result is a drink that is smooth and deep with a complex character. With a free gold gift bag and notecard, it is the perfect gift for anyone during the holidays, even for your gamer brother who’s very competitive whether he’s on his PlayStation or his PC. If he loves playing classic games, then a classic deluxe blend like the Johnnie Walker Black Label is the perfect gift for him. 

4. Good-willed Sister x Chateau Routas Rose 750ml Holiday Gift Set

 Chateau Routas Rose 750ml Holiday Gift Set

With notes of freshly cut watermelon, ripe peach aromas, and floral notes that lead to a palate alive with wild strawberries and hints of mineral, the Chateau Routas Rose is another drink that your relatives can enjoy for the holidays. It also has crisp acidity and a refreshing finish and comes in a holiday gift set that includes two scented candles, cranberry spice, and cookie dough, that perfectly jives with the Chateau Routas Rose. The wine and candles in this holiday gift set can serve as the perfect Christmas gift for your good-willed sister who is strong-willed and responsible and makes sure that their room always smells good.

5. Mahjong Expert Lola x Hibiki Blender’s Choice 700ml

Hibiki Blender’s Choice 700ml

The Hibiki Blender’s Choice is yet another fine blend that includes carefully selected vintages that are married together by Suntory’s team of expert blenders. The combination of a few cask-aged whiskies in the blend creates a round, well-balanced profile and immense depth that drinkers will definitely appreciate. For your lola who enjoys spending her time playing mahjong and looking after her grandchildren, the Hibiki Blender’s Choice may be the best choice of gift this Christmas.

6. Cool Tito x Chivas Regal 18yo Holiday Gift 2021

Chivas Regal 18yo Holiday Gift 2021

With 85 flavor notes in its every drop, the Chivas 18 is a uniquely rich and multi-layered blend that includes over 20 of Scotland’s rarest single malt Scotch whiskies, combining to create a premier drink. It has an intense dark amber color, with notes of dried fruits, buttery toffee, and dark chocolate and a velvety, dark chocolate palate yielding to floral notes and a wisp of sweet, mellow smokiness, and an extremely warm and long finish. This may be the right gift for your cool tito who loves the occasional drink, has all the latest gadgets, and is updated with all the online trends, and is able to keep up with the interests of his nieces and nephews.

7. Hip Tita x Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 750ML Holiday Gift Bundle

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Holiday Gift Bundle

If your family has a cool tito, then it most definitely also has a hip tita who wears the most fashionable clothes, loves traveling abroad, and gives the best gifts on Christmas. This year, it’s your turn to give her the best present in the Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut, which perfectly balances Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier and is recognized as one of the world’s most-loved Champagnes. With its bright fruitiness and an elegant maturity, this is a drink that your tita will definitely appreciate, along with the cranberry spice and cookie dough scented candles that come with the drink when it is bought as a holiday gift bundle.  

8. Boss Mom x Glenfiddich 12yo 700ML Holiday Gift 2021

Glenfiddich 12yo 700ML Holiday Gift 2021

Before finding its way into their iconic green bottles, the Glenfiddich 12yo first underwent a long and careful process that includes being matured in the finest American and European sherry oak casks for at least 12 years. It is carefully mellow in oak marrying tuns, creating sweet and subtle oak flavors and a creamy, long, smooth, and mellow finish. For taking care of the needs of everyone in the family, this holiday gift, which also includes two Glenfiddich glasses, is something your boss mom can appreciate and enjoy during the holidays.

9. Outgoing Dad x Monkey Shoulder 700ml Twin Pack W/ Bricks 2021

Monkey Shoulder 700ml Twin Pack W/ Bricks 2021

If your mom gets a great gift for Christmas, then so should your dad, and Boozy has just the right drink for a father who loves people and has an outgoing personality. The Monkey Shoulder is a superb blended malt whisky from William Grant that is made with single malts from three famous Speyside distilleries. The result is a smooth, creamy, supple, and malty Scotch that works well neat, over ice, or in whisky cocktails. This bundle offers two bottles of the drink and also comes with a monkey bricks game that you and your dad can play during the holidays.

10. No one else but you. You deserve a gift! x Johnnie Walker 700ml + 200ml Gifting Kit

Johnnie Walker 700ml + 200ml Gifting Kit

Finally, with every other member of the family already with their own Christmas gifts, it’s time to reward yourself with a gift of your own from Boozy’s collection of drinks. The Johnnie Walker is a premium, timeless drink that you deserve to have after working hard, achieving your goals, and surviving the challenging year that was 2021. This bundle comes with both the black label and red label along with a 200ml gifting kit that you can enjoy for your next drink at home with your family or friends. 

Whether it’s for your cousins, siblings, parents, or yourself, Boozy has a large selection of the finest drinks that fit their unique personalities and comes in holiday bundles with freebies that they will certainly appreciate as Christmas gifts!