MUST PAIR: Boozy Christmas cocktails with show that are leaving Netflix PH

Article published at: 2021년 12월 11일 Article tag: featured-posts
Boozy Christmas cocktails with show that are leaving Netflix PH
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With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, families have already started to prepare for the celebrations that come with the holidays. And whether you’re celebrating with your relatives, friends, or colleagues, one staple of every Christmas party is enjoying the best drinks, which includes making the finest cocktails for your guests. 

Boozy offers a wide collection of drinks that you need for mixing the best cocktails for your Christmas gatherings. And when celebrating the holidays with cocktails in hand, you can also enjoy watching a variety of shows on Netflix, whether it’s your favorite sitcoms or medical dramas. Here are some of the best Boozy cocktails for the holidays, which you can watch with some of the top Netflix shows that are only available until the end of the month: 

1. Don Papa Darker Don Cocktail Pack x Grey’s Anatomy

Don Papa Darker Don Cocktail Pack

With a crisp and refreshing taste, the Darker Don cocktail pack lets you create the Dark and Stormy highball cocktail with a twist of the Don Papa from your next Christmas gathering. The flavors of the Don Papa blend perfectly with a spicy ginger beer and the sourness added in by the calamansi. 

If this rich cocktail mixes different flavors, the long-running TV drama Grey’s Anatomy also blends different genres if audiences have followed intern and eventual resident Meredith Grey’s life with her fellow doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital. With this Shonda Rhimes series available on Netflix until December 31, now is the perfect time to start watching the show’s 15-season run while enjoying a quality Christmas cocktail. 

2. Negroni x How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

Image from IMDb

This popular Italian cocktail combines Campari, the Bulldog Gin, and the Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Gin, creating a refreshing and bitter-sweet palate plus a cocktail that is perfect for holiday celebrations. An equally popular series that you can watch right now on Netflix is the beloved sitcom How I Met Your Mother.


The show, which originally aired from 2005 to 2014, sees Ted Mosby recount to his kids the story of how he met their mother and the many detours along the way, making it a perfect companion for a cocktail like the Negroni. 

3. Aperol Spritz x New Girl

Aperol Spritz


With a bright orange color and a combination of sweet liqueur and Prosecco, the Aperol Spritz is usually considered a summer drink. But this Italian wine-based cocktail also serves as an aperitif and is refreshing, with a bittersweet after taste.

New Girl

Image from IMDb

A Netflix show that is mostly sweet and just as refreshing as the Aperol Spritz is New Girl, which sees schoolteacher Jess move in with three bachelors and become their new roommate. 

4. Jagerbomb x Modern Family


The Jagerbomb is a bomb mixed drink that mixes the Jagermeister with a shot of energy drink, which is usually Red Bull, to create a powerful and delicious cocktail. When looking for the perfect show to watch while consuming this cocktail at your next Christmas party, the sitcom Modern Family provides a nice contrast to this drink, as it is a lighthearted show that is guaranteed to provide laughs for you and your friends.

Modern Family

Image from IMDb

This series follows Jay Pritchett and the eclectic Pritchett family as they handle the challenges of contemporary life in Los Angeles.

5. Hennessy's “Gold Henn” Cocktail x Prison Break

Hennessy's “Gold Henn” Cocktail

Another simple and easy drink that is perfect for any gathering during the holidays is Hennessy’s “Gold Henn” Cocktail. This drink is simple and easy and combines Hennessy, white and red vermouth, and lemon to create a deep-red Cognac cocktail with a citrus aroma.

Prison Break

If you and your friends or relatives are up for a thrilling series while celebrating, you can try watching Prison Break, which can serve as a nice partner to the best holiday cocktails. It sees Michael Scofield, a structural engineer, break his brother out of the Fox River State Penitentiary after he is wrongly convicted of murder.

Christmas is a time for celebration, and one way to make any gathering among friends and relatives more cheerful is by serving the best drinks, such as these Christmas cocktails from Boozy. And when having these drinks, you can also enjoy watching some classic Netflix shows that you can start binge-watching before the end of the year.