Hennessy's Very Own Must-Try Cocktail Recipe!

Article published at: Feb 11, 2021 Article tag: Cognac
Hennessy's Very Own Must-Try Cocktail Recipe
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How to make the perfect drink for any upcoming occasion? The 'Gold Henn' is simple and easy!

Savor moments with this perfectly fitting, deep-red Cognac cocktail with a citrus aroma.


  • 45 mL Hennessy VS
  • 30 mL White vermouth
  • 35 mL Red vermouth
  • Black Lemon or Lemon
  • Ice block or cubes


  1. Pour 45 mL of Hennessy VS.
  2. Pour 30 mL of White vermouth.
  3. Pour 35 mL of Red vermouth.
  4. Top it off with an ice block or cubes to keep your drink cold and fresh. The bigger the ice, the less watered-down your drink will be.
  5. Stir your drink.
  6. Garnish with black lemon. (If none, a normal lemon would do.)