Siete Misterios Doba Yej Mezcal 750ml

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This is the first copper still and from a different region mezcal we made, other than the traditional Sola de Vega.

After 3 years of watching how the best places in Mexico got into mezcal, and how it make the finest and more exigent palate world-wide feel in love, we noticed a huge gap where mezcal could reach more people and diversifying the way to be enjoyed; through cocktails. This was the reason we decided to launch a well balanced mezcal with all the artisanal characteristics to be delighted straight or be mixed behind the bar without ever losing its essence.

With 44 ABV is the perfect balance to coexist in both worlds, plus its scents and flavors can be sublimely perceived in nose as in palate.

This mezcal from Santiago Matatlan or San Luis del Rio represents a modern mezcal without ever sacrificing quality or purity.

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Excellent mezcal and surprisingly good to make margaritas

One of the most popular mezcal in the world.
I am Mexican and I can say this one is made for all taste complex but easy to drink

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