Louis Guntrum Royal Blue Riesling 750ml

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*Actual bottle may be different from the product image on website. Vintage/Year of the bottle is not guaranteed unless stated.

Elegant and classical Riesling scent, paired with aromas of tropical fruits. Green apples and citrus, pineapple and melon. Excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

ABV: 9.5%


For any occasion from aperitif to after dinner, spicy food, daily meals, TV wine.

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Mela Sarenas
Guntrum Riesling

My preference these days is riesling because of the hot weather. Usually buys Dr. Loosen and recently enjoyed Seaglass but these are hard to get - sold out. Tried Guntrum because of the blue bottle which is appealing to the eyes. Surprised that the taste is good. Not so acidic for my taste. Hopefully Seaglass and Guntrum will be available again soon.

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