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Kozel Dark 500ml Can

Kozel Dark 330ml 6-pack at ₱799.00

Kozel Dark 330ml 6-pack


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A loved and awarded family of Czech lagers from the village of Velké Popovice that are traditionally brewed with an innovative attitude so they’re delicious and fun to drink.

The great tasting lagers are only made from only quality ingredients, with no extras like rice or corn. All Kozel beers are brewed the traditional Czech way with selected malts and the aromatic hop Premiant for a complex yet well-balanced bitter and sweet taste.

Kozel is brewed in the village of Velké Popovice in the Czech Republic, about 25km outside Prague. It’s where the first batch of Kozel was brewed in 1874, a beer that went on to make the small village famous all over the Czech Republic. The brewery is at the heart of the village, with many of the local families working at the brewery from generation to generation.

Available Kozel beers on Boozy: Kozel Dark and Kozel Premium Lager.