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Murphy's Irish Stout 500ml


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Beer is one of the oldest and most enjoyed alcoholic drinks in the world. Like Whisky, it's made from water, malt and/or grains, yeast, and in modern breweries, hops, which are cone-shaped flowers that give Beer the bitter and aromatic taste we all love. The history of Beer might even predate the Babylon empire, which means we've been enjoying Beer for centuries and even millennia. Beer can be enjoyed in many different ways: served draft (like at pubs and bars), from a keg, in a can or a bottle, and poured into a glass. Having a beer has been so ingrained in world culture that it's become synonymous with having a great time with friends and family or enjoying a relaxing self-care session at home. At Boozy, you can choose to drink a beer from single bottles, beer cans, or party packs of 6 or more without going out – now that's convenient. 

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, if not the most popular. Its history can be traced to even before 3400 BC since historians have discovered that the Babylonians had over 20 recipes for Beer, and some Egyptian pharaohs were even buried with it. Sumerians even wrote poems about brewing Beer on stone tablets. And at some point in medieval times, Beer was considered safer than water due to infection and hygiene issues. We even have beer brewing to thank for the image we even have of witches with their cauldrons and pointy hats (women used to brew beers and were called alewives). Based on all historical evidence, Beer is an integral part of forming culture worldwide and has an even more significant role in social settings. 

Beer's Alcohol Content

The alcohol percentage in Beer ranges from 4-20% ABV (alcohol by volume), making it the perfect drink to suit any social setting! As always, enjoy it responsibly. 

Ingredients In Beer

Beer is made of grains, malt, water, and yeast, much like Whisky. The ingredients are so similar that when you distill Beer, it even turns into a type of Whisky! 

Different Types of Beer

Though there are many beer categories, there are only two main types: Lager and Ale. The differences come down to the kind of yeast used during the fermentation or brewing period. Simply put, a lager is made with a specific type of yeast, while ale is made from a different kind. 

Lager tastes lighter and slightly maltier than ale, which is full-bodied and tends to have a fruitier, spicier taste. 

Try from Boozy: 喜力 (Heineken) and Budweiser

Lagers are said to be the best entry point into becoming a beer connoisseur, as they are the least complex in flavor in contrast to other subtypes. A prevalent subtype of lager is pilsner, of which famous brands are Stella Artois, Becks, and of course, San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Beers of this style are crisp and bitter, which makes for a refreshing drink. 

For Ales, aside from stout, another popular style that you might come across is India Pale Ale or IPA. There are even more types under this subcategory as it's a very customizable type. Flavor ranges can go from highly bitter to very sweet and fruity, and some IPAs may even boast substantial alcohol percentages. Find something to suit your tastes from our collection here on Boozy!

Try from Boozy:  健力士 (Guinness) and Inedit Damm (yes, a stout is a type of ale!) 

Craft Beer is an umbrella term for Beer produced by smaller breweries. Types can range from IPA (India Pale Ale), stouts, and pilsners. What gives craft Beer its distinctive edge is innovation by adding unique flavors and ingredients to the brew, making for a memorable and exciting drink. And as if it couldn't get any more popular, Beer has seen even more significant growth in recent years due to the boom of craft beer.

Try from Boozy: Crows, Engkanto, Monkey Eagle. The best part, all three are local!