Pairing Sex Ed, Lucifer, Money Heist, and other Netflix Hits with Exciting Boozy Deals

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Netflix Hits with Exciting Boozy Deals
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The month of September usually marks the start of the Philippines’ Christmas celebration, which is considered as the longest in the world and one of the most festive,. But a new month also brings the arrival of new shows and films on the streaming service Netflix, including more seasons of highly anticipated series that fans have been following for years. 

While watching these shows and films alone or with your relatives, you can enjoy them alongside different alcoholic drinks from Boozy. But aside from having a large selection of your favorite drinks, Boozy also offers them on friendly deals that will allow you to save your hard-earned money. Here are some of the most popular titles coming on Netflix this month and the drinks from the Boozy website that you can avail through friendly deals to pair with them: 

1. Sex Education - William Grant & Sons’ Cocktails

Sex Education

Image from IMDb

High school marks a time in people’s lives when they formed some of their unforgettable memories, made lifelong friends, and had their first romantic experiences. This is also the case with the students of the fictional Moordale Secondary School, the setting of the British comedy-drama series Sex Education. 


The series centers on Otis, an awkward student at Moordale, whose mother Jean is a sex therapist. When his classmate Maeve Wiley sees he has a talent for giving students sex advice, she suggests they open a sex advice business to help the students at school while also earning money. The show’s first and second seasons are available for streaming on Netflix, while the much-anticipated third season premieres on September 17.

William Grant & Sons’ Cocktails

The show’s characters are definitely interesting and have different personalities, making them an excellent pairing with the different flavors of William Grant & Sons’ Cocktails. Drinks such as the Glenfiddich Highball, Hendrick’s & Tonic, Tully & Tonic, Monkey Splash, #OMG!, and Jerry Loves Ginger are just some of the cocktails that you can choose from their selection, and you can read about which Sex Education character matches this drink right here

2. Lucifer - Johnnie Walker Black Label Highball Collection


Image from IMDb

When his responsibilities as the Lord of Hell become boring for him, the devil abandons Hell and relocates to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub and becomes a consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). This is the premise of the popular series Lucifer, which is now in its sixth season, which will premiere on September 10, on Netflix. 

Johnnie Walker Black Label Highball Collection

This series, which combines a police procedural with fantasy, comedy, drama, and romance, is perfect to pair with the drinks from the Johnnie Walker Black Label Highball Collection. This bundle can be acquired at a discounted price from Boozy, and this box includes the classic Johnnie Walker Black Label, a lemon-lime soda, Monin caramel syrup, and a recipe guide for three different cocktails: Johnnie and Lime, Johnnie Caramel Highball, and the Caramel Whisky Sour. A show that blends several different genres in Lucifer should rightfully be enjoyed with a collection that allows you to mix and match the Johnnie Walker Black Label with other different drinks. 

3. Money Heist - William Lawson's Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml Bundle of 2

Money Heist

Image from IMDb

Any film or show that involves a heist is guaranteed to keep fans at the edge of their seats, and Money Heist is no exception. The story centers on long-prepared heists masterminded by the mysteriously named Professor, the first on the Royal Mint of Spain and the second one on the Bank of Spain. The Spanish crime drama series, which started in 2017, will have a fifth season that is split into two parts, with the first part premiering on Netflix on September 3 and the second part on December 3. 

William Lawson's Blended Scotch Whisky

An exciting show such as Money Heist only deserves to be paired with William Lawson’s Blended Scotch Whisky, which is available in a bundle of two bottles on the Boozy website. On the nose, William Lawson’s Blended Scotch Whisky has sweet spice and creamy barley malt, while on the palate it has date and raisin, hints of walnut loaf, and has a toasted, malty finish. While watching the Professor, Tokyo, and their band of robbers pull of exciting heists, you can relax and enjoy a sweet, medium-bodied drink like William Lawson’s Blended Scotch Whisky. 

4. Click Bait - Diplomatico Rum Mantuano 700ml

Click Bait

Image from IMDb

The miniseries Clickbait, which premiered on Netflix on August 25, is about the abduction of Nick Brewer, who later appears in an online video as his family seeks to uncover the culprit and why he went missing. The show can be described as a drama and a thriller and explores how people’s impulses are fueled in the age of social media and the difference in people’s virtual and real-life personas. 

Diplomatico Rum Mantuano

When enjoying a thrilling series like Clickbait, you may want to consider trying the Diplomático Rum Mantuano, a versatile drink that can be enjoyed neat and also be used to make flavorful cocktails like Mary Pickford and Negroni. It is made up of an authentic blend of rums and aged for eight years that has aromas of dried plums, oak, and a delicate spiciness and is complex and well-balanced on the palate and includes notes of dried fruit, wood, and vanilla. Pouring a glass of the complex and well-balanced drink like the Diplomático Rum Mantuano is an ideal companion for a show as complex as Clickbait. 

5. He’s All That - Barokes Bundle of 4

He’s All That

Image from IMDb

Remaking an old film is a surefire way to attract new audiences as well as fans of the original, and the 2021 Netflix film He’s All That is an example of that. The teen romantic comedy is a remake of the 1999 classic film She’s All That, with the gender roles swapped. In the film, Addison Rae plays an influencer who specializes in makeovers and is tasked to transform an unpopular classmate played by Tanner Buchanan into the Prom King. 

Barokes Bundle of 4

'Wine, your way' now!

A light romantic film such as He’s All That can be paired with Barokes, which are wines in cans that people can drink with ease. Aside from taking them on outdoor activities, Barokes, which are sold in bundles of four on Boozy, allows drinkers to taste four different wine flavors: cabernet shiraz, moscato, chardonnay semillon (bubbly wine), and chardonnay semillon (wine).  Whether you are a fan of the classic teen film or its modern remake, pairing this film with Barokes will definitely enhance your next movie night. 

6. Sweet Girl - Smirnoff Mule 330ml Case 12 Bottles

Sweet Girl

Image from IMDb

Another recent release on Netflix that is sure to get fans’ hearts racing is the action thriller Swe​​et Girl, which stars Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced. It is about Ray Cooper, a man who loses his wife after a life-saving drug that was supposed to help her is pulled off the market just as her treatment is about to begin and he tries to get justice for her death.  

Smirnoff Mule 330ml Case 12 Bottles

A film with nonstop action is best watched with a drink in hand, and there are few better options than the Smirnoff Mule, which delivers the refreshing taste of vodka, lime, and ginger beer. While there are many places where you can get this classic beer, Boozy offers the Smirnoff Mule in bundles of 12 in a more friendly deal. 

The month of September brings a fresh batch of content on Netflix, whether it’s the continuation or conclusion of hugely popular and beloved series or exciting new films for your next movie marathon. And when enjoying these films and shows, you can pour in a glass from one of Boozy’s bestselling drinks which you can avail through generous deals and bundles.