Cocktail O'Clock for Dahyun's Birthday

Article published at: 2021년 5월 28일 Article tag: featured-posts
Cocktail O'Clock for Dahyun's Birthday
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Fridays are always special in everyone’s calendar but for the ONCEs, today is extra special since it marks another year of talent and success for TWICE’s very own, Dahyun. 

Today, K-Pop stans are joining the ONCEs out there in celebrating 23 years of the talented and iconic Dahyun! The 23-year-old is not only known for her angelic voice when singing and melodic bars when rapping. She’s also a talented songwriter creating sensational hits for TWICE.

To get your celebratory mood to another level, Boozy’s got you covered with a list of TWICE hits written by Dahyun to go with Boozy’s signature cocktails. What better way to recognize and celebrate Dahyun’s day than to stream and jam out to her songs paired with Boozy’s best bottles for the occasion?


You can never go wrong with spending your Friday night listening to your favorite TWICE songs while having your favorite drink. 

Trick It x Soju Sunrise

Soju Sunrise

This pairing will surely “trick you sweetly” on this special day. Arguably Korea’s best gifts to the world: their music and their spirit of choice. This TWICE signature song is best paired with Korea’s signature drink, Soju. But since we’re celebrating another year in the life of the talented and innovative Dahyun, why not twist things up with our Soju Sunrise while vibing to the beat of Trick It? 

Missing U x Beer Punch

Beer Punch

Missing that special someone on their special day can get really difficult. Dahyun may be miles away from us, streaming Missing U with a glass of Beer Punch at hand would make it feel like she’s with us and serenading us inside our own home. A cool beer blended with the flavor of citrus pineapple is definitely one of the best ways to beat the heat every time we celebrate Dahyun’s birthday in the warm month of May. 

21:29 x Henessy’s Very Own Must-Try Cocktail Recipe

Henessy’s Very Own Must-Try Cocktail Recipe

Pairing these two is a dream and it’s for you. This song proves that Dahyun has a range when it comes to songwriting. Her songs aren’t just limited to upbeat and high tempo music but she can also create slow and mellow music to capture the hearts of her fans. For a mellow hit that slows down a busy day, pairing it with a smooth glass of Henessy’s Very Own Must-Try Cocktail Recipe will surely calm you down and prepare you to relax for the weekend. Definitely, a gift to enjoy from TWICE and Henessy. 

Bring It Back x The Old Fashioned 101

The Old Fashioned 101

For this pairing, we’re bringing it back, the old-fashioned way. As Dahyun turns a year older and wiser, listening to TWICE’s hit song Bring It Back with a classic drink in hand does not seem much of a bad idea. Getting older is not always a bad thing; it’s a celebration of us getting wiser and more mature in this life. Celebrate another year of Dahyun and her music with The Old Fashioned 101 that will surely make us bring back memories of her musical journey. 

Queen x The Classic and Seamless Espresso Martini

The Classic and Seamless Espresso Martini

An elegant drink is in order to celebrate the birth of a ‘Queen’. This drink promises to keep you charged for all the dancing and jamming you’re about to do with the hit songs of TWICE. The Classic and Seamless Espresso Martini gives you that caffeine fix to keep you hyped and that soothing touch of a martini to keep you relaxed. Definitely, a pairing to try to start your weekend and to celebrate the life and journey of TWICE’s own rap queen, Dahyun.  

These pairings will surely keep you in that celebratory mood in honor of Dahyun’s special day and all throughout the weekend. Celebrating life and music in the comfort of your own home, especially at this time can go a long way. Whether you’re celebrating it alone or with your fellow ONCEs during your e-numans, these pairings are surely a bang for your buck!