Sip on paradise: Here's what two bottles of Chandon can get you this summer!

Article published at: 2023년 3월 31일
Two bottles of Chandon this summer
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As told by the weatherman, the country has officially entered its warm phase of the month. And if you asked us, it’s far from being just “warm”. It’s more like the sun has reared its ugly head directly to the Philippines with intentions to fry us all to death. Fortunately, our country is known for enduring such extreme weather. Whether it’s a strong and wet typhoon or a hot and humid summer, our skins are well-equipped for such drastic changes.

Sunlight Air and Sunlight Eco Tourism Resort


However, we can’t purely rely simply on endurance. We all need a little sparkly kick from time to time. In fact, it may even add a bit of well-needed breeze… or even, an all-expenses paid trip to Palawan! That is why Chandon partnered up with Sunlight Air and Sunlight Eco Tourism Resort to save you from nasty summer woes. 

But before we give you the deets, let’s introduce what Chandon is all about. 

Chandon Brut, Rose and Delice


Providing you not just an experience of a lifetime but a cool and fruity taste, Chandon’s richness is far from what is contained in its bottle. It all began in Napa Valley, Domaine Chandon was established in 1973 by the then-Mot-Hennessy corporation. At that time, it was deemed the first-ever company that was owned by the French in the United States. Not long after, the manager of Chandon California visited the vast lands of Australia in 1982 to look for the perfect terrain for a vineyard. Enamored by the Aussie spirit, he–along with Phillipe Coulon–agreed to place history right in the diverse lands of Victoria. 


Chandon Brut 750ml

To begin your Chandon journey, we at Boozy suggest you try first their Chandon Brut 750ml (₱1,049.00). Made with its signature fruity flavors of apple, citrus, and pears, the buzzing drink could be perfectly paired with almost any meal. May it be salty, nutty, sweet, or savory, you can always expect a smooth and dry finish for this elegant delight. 

Chandon Rosé 750ml (₱1,149.00) is a classy blend of floral and strawberry greatness. True to its pink hues, this rose-y wine is regarded as a wine fit for Valentine’s to bring the romantics out of us. Aside from the strong taste of strawberries, many wine enthusiasts also noticed notes of apricots and raspberries as well as cherries. According to the Vivino app, this rosé is one of the top 9% of all the available wines in the world.

Chandon Rosé 750ml


And to finish it off, we have the Chandon Delice 750ml (₱1,049.00). This blend of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir grapes came from the tropical lands of Argentina, specifically from the city of Mendoza. And just like where it came from, this drink carries notes of exotic fruits such as pineapples and oranges. This bubbly vino could be enjoyed next to your favorite shellfish dishes and any appetizers of your choosing.  

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For Chandon, taking risks just runs through their vein and vines! They believe that to find quality goods, one must traverse the unknown to find them. Luckily, Chandon also wants you to experience the goodness of travel with their ongoing promo with Sunlight Air and Resort!

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Get a chance to win a perfect-for-two (2) free accommodations for three days and two nights at Sunlight Eco Tourism Island Resort, roundtrip tickets via Sunlight Air, and travel to any Sunlight Air destination. These unbelievable prizes could potentially be yours if you buy two (2) bottles of Chandon. Use code “SUMMER” upon checkout!