Roku Gin: Savor the Japanese Tradition in Every Glass

Article published at: 2024년 4월 15일
Roku Gin: Savor the Japanese Tradition in Every Glass
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Roku Gin by Suntory captures the essence of Japanese tradition with its unique blend of botanicals and meticulous craftsmanship. This premium gin is a testament to Suntory's dedication to quality and innovation, offering a unique tasting experience highlighted by distinctive Japanese flavors. Available on, Roku Gin is not just a spirit but a celebration of cultural heritage.

Origins of Roku Gin

Roku Gin is produced by Suntory, one of Japan's oldest and most esteemed brewing and distilling companies, which was founded in 1899. The beginning of Roku Gin marks a continuation of Suntory’s legacy in the spirits industry, harmoniously blending Japanese tradition with cutting-edge technology. The name "Roku," which means "six" in Japanese, signifies the six uniquely Japanese botanicals that are used exclusively in Roku Gin, each one meticulously selected to create a gin like no other.

Crafting Roku Gin

Unique Botanicals for a Distinctive Flavor

Roku Gin’s distinctiveness comes from its combination of traditional gin botanicals like juniper berries with six unique Japanese botanicals:

Sakura flower (cherry blossoms)

Sakura leaf

Yuzu peel (Japanese citrus)

Sencha tea (Japanese green tea)

Gyokuro tea(refined green tea)

Sansho pepper(Japanese pepper)

These ingredients are harvested at their seasonal peak to ensure maximum flavor, bringing a truly unique layer of complexity and depth to the gin. The sakura elements provide floral hints, yuzu adds a citrusy edge, and the sansho pepper offers a slight spiciness, which altogether delivers a harmonious flavor profile with a distinctly Japanese twist.

Distillation Process

Roku Gin is distilled in Osaka, Japan, using a mix of pot stills and column stills which carefully extract and preserve the delicate flavors of the botanicals. This meticulous process ensures a balanced gin with a silky smooth texture and a subtle sweetness that enhances its complex bouquet.

Tasting Notes

Roku Gin features an alluring nose with a sweet and tangy aroma, thanks to the yuzu citrus fruits and sakura flowers. On the palate, it presents layers of flavor, starting with a bright burst of citrus from the yuzu, which then gives way to the deeper, more subtle tastes of green tea and a faint, pleasing floral note from the cherry blossoms. The finish is sophisticated and slightly peppery, thanks to the sansho, providing a crisp end to a diverse flavor journey.

Roku Gin on the Rocks: A Pure Experience

To fully enjoy Roku Gin's intricate flavors, serve it on the rocks. This simple preparation allows the delicate botanicals to shine, making it a perfect sipping gin that engages all the senses.

Roku Gin at

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 Roku Gin is more than just a premium spirit; it is a journey through the nuances of Japanese botanicals and expert distillation. Available now on, Roku Gin is the perfect choice for discerning drinkers who appreciate the art of gin-making and the delightful complexity of flavors that only traditional Japanese ingredients can offer. Embrace the culture and craftsmanship of Suntory with Roku Gin for a truly sophisticated drinking experience.