Pairing COD, NBA 2k22, FIFA 22, Rust and other trending games with the Top Beers of Boozy

Article published at: 2021년 8월 14일 Article tag: Beer
 Trending games with the Top Beers of Boozy
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As we do our part to keep safe during the ECQ by staying indoors, we may miss the company of our friends. We miss the laughter, the stories, and the fun of being around them. However, we can still be in touch through the digital world. One way we can stay connected is through video games! Playing games is truly better when shared with your closest friends but it is best experienced when accompanied by the best bottles Boozy has to offer. Here are a few games and drinks you should definitely try on your next game night with your friends. 

1. COD: Black Ops Cold War x Heineken 330ml Bundle of 4 Bottles


Image from @heineken

Call of Duty is an institution when it comes to First Person Shooter (FPS) Games. This classic FPS game tackles missions and storylines during the height of the Cold War back in the late 20th century. Experience high-intensity action in 4k graphics with this game. A classic FPS game is best played with your closest friends, and a classic game deserves a classic drink for all. Get the Heineken Bundle of 4 for you and your friends to keep you refreshed in each game. Heineken is brewed and processed to give you that crisp yet balanced flavor in each bottle; perfect for game nights with the crew! 

2. NBA 2k22 x San Miguel Super Dry 330 mL Can Bundle of 6

San Miguel Super Dry 330 mL Can Bundle of 6

Beer and basketball? It’s definitely a match made in heaven. If you can’t wait for the NBA Regular season to start, you might want to get your hands on the newest NBA 2k game with NBA 2k22. Get to play with the newest rosters after free agency and the newly-drafted rookies with NBA 2k22. Whether you create your own team, play your favorite team, or play your favorite player in blacktop against your friends you’ll surely have a great time. Keep yourself refreshed with that signature San Miguel flavor when your team calls timeout with San Miguel Super Dry! Each sip will keep your game cool and crisp. Get the bundle of 6 just in case your game goes into overtime. Win or lose you’ll definitely have a good time with this drink!

3. FIFA 22 x Stella Artois 330ml Bottle Bundle of 6

Stella Artois 330ml Bottle Bundle of 6

Image from @stellaartois

With a crazy transfer window this year, football fans can’t wait to see their favorite players in their new teams. Lucky for them they can see these players in action with FIFA 22. Get to be your own boss in manager mode or sneak in a quick game with your rival team. Keep yourself company through a long game of football with Stella Artois bundle of 6! Each sip of this Belgian classic is sure to keep you refreshed until the final whistle blows. It’s also perfect for meals with strong flavors because the Belgian flavor of each brew cleanses the palette in a refreshing way! 

4. Rust x Tiger Black 500ml Bundle of 4 Cans 

Tiger Black 500ml

Explore a wide map with your friends and try to survive against enemies in Rust! With a variety of weapons to choose from you’ll never expect what kind of enemies will face you. Get creative with your defense and come out alive with this game. Keep the excitement going with the Tiger Black Bundle of 4. A game that tests your strength deserves a strong beer with 6.9% alcohol. Experience Singapore’s best with Tiger Black as you fight to survive in the world of Rust. 

5. New World x Crows De Puta Madre Bundle of 4 

Crows De Puta Madre

Image from @crowscraftbrewing

MMORPG fans have something to look forward to with the release of New World. Seek new adventures of The Corrupted and strategize your next battles to overcome brutal legions in New World. Capturing items, completing quests, and slaying your enemies is the name of the game for New World. Enjoy exploring this new game with Crows De Puta Madre Bundle of 4 with your friends! Exciting things are in store for you with this game that will surely make you say De Puta Madre out of excitement.

6. Mass Effect Legendary Edition x Sapporo 330ml Bundle of 6

Sapporo 330ml Bundle of 6

Is the ECQ getting you nostalgic about the good old days? Mass Effect Legendary Edition definitely has you covered. Experience the glorious Mass Effect Trilogy with the Legendary Edition. Go back to the glory days and conquer your enemies once more but this time in 4k definition. Reliving the trilogy may take some time and Sapporo Bundle of 6 is the best drink to keep you company as you go through the campaign of each game. It has an amazingly crisp taste and the right bitterness to leave a clean finish after each sip. 

Being apart from our friends and family may be difficult for most of us. But we always find a way to keep in touch and keep connected. Games and beer are just one of the many ways we can do it, but it is the funnest way to do it in the digital age.