Celebrating Vin Diesel, Priyanka Chopra, and Kristen Bell's Birthday with Boozy Deals

Article published at: 2021년 7월 18일 Article tag: Beer
Vin Diesel, Priyanka Chopra, and Kristen Bell's Birthday with Boozy Deals
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The month of July is the start of a new beginning as we enter the second half of what has been an eventful year. As we celebrate the end of the first half of the year, let us continue that celebratory mood for the artists who have shared their talent, craft, and skill on the big screen. Get ready to celebrate the birthdays of Hollywood’s finest celebrities along with Boozy’s Exclusive Deals for the month of July.  

Enjoy your favorite drink while watching the fast-paced action films of Vin Diesel, the emotional dramatic films of Priyanka Chopra, and Kristen Bell’s witty and comedic pictures. Let Boozy be your movie buddy as you celebrate the birthdays of these stars with a fresh drink. 

1. F9 x (2) SAN MIGUEL SUPER DRY 330 ML CAN BUNDLE OF 6, get (1) insulated bag


Image from IMDb

Another classic is bound to hit the big screen as the Fast and the Furious Franchise adds another installment to its family of action-packed films. Catch Dom Toretto as he faces a familiar obstacle from his past, his own brother. Keep your F9 experience cool, dry, and crisp with San Miguel Super Dry.  Enjoy watching this newest chapter with 2 orders of San Miguel Super Dry Can Bundle of 6 with your family and get an insulated bag to go with it.  

2. Bloodshot x (2) Glenfiddich 700ml get (1) Glenfiddich Umbrella 


Image from IMDb

Whether it’s the 12, 15, or 18 yo, Glenfiddich’s elegant bottles are sure to give you that smooth, citrus, and spicy experience in every sip. Aged in only the finest oaks available, each bottle guarantees finesse flavors and aromas. Enjoy each bottle with Vin Diesel’s superhero-themed film, Bloodshot. Get an exclusive Glenfiddich Umbrella to match with your order just in time for the rainy season. 


3. XXX x (1) Grey Goose Vodka 750ml, get (1) FREE Fentimans connoisseur tonic 125ml, and (1) FREE Soda Can


Image from IMDb

Relive the adventures of Xander Cage, a trained spy for the National Security Agency, as he infiltrates a group of potential European terrorist threats across Central Europe. Feel the thrill at the maximum level with a bottle of clean and balanced flavors of Grey Goose Original Vodka at hand. Mix this classy bottle with a free Fentimans Connoisseur Tonic for an added layer of elegance to your movie night. Enjoy all of it with your very own Soda Can for free. 


4. White Tiger x (1) Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet 750ml, Get a free Jacob’s Creek Wine Glass

White Tiger

Image from IMDb

White Tiger is one of the critically acclaimed films from India this year. The story revolves around the Indian Caste System and the social issues of the different class systems in India. Priyanka Chopra plays a woman in the upper class of India’s modern society in this drama. Catch the story unfold with a glass of Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet and get a free Jacob’s Creek Wine glass. Get the full Jacob’s Creek experience with this deal and enjoy every sip filled with hints of dried cranberry and dark blue fruits that are fresh on the palette. 

5. The Sky Is Pink x (1) Jameson Irish Whiskey 1L, Get a free Jameson Highball Glass

The Sky Is Pink

Image from IMDb

Fall in love and get the feels from Priyanka Chopra’s performance at The Sky Is Pink. This Hindi film explores love, motherhood, death, and acceptance in everyday lives. Love and whiskey is a perfect pair and you deserve only the finest bottles of whiskey while watching a great film. Get the Jameson Irish Whiskey and get a free Highball Glass to capture the complete Irish Blend of triple-distilled grain whiskey for that distinct smooth flavor to keep you company during your movie night. 


6. The Good Place x Absolut Citron 700ml, Get a free Absolut Denim Bottle Cover with Zipper

The Good Place

Image from IMDb

Get philosophical and reflective with Kristen Bell’s performance in the sitcom The Good Place. Watch Eleanor and her friends be in search of what it means to be a good person in the afterlife. Reflecting can be enhanced with the right amount and kind of alcohol. You can never go wrong with Absolut Citron for that clean, citrus, and fresh hint to keep you accompanied with your thoughts and learnings from The Good Place. 


7. Like Father x Dewar's 15yo 1L Bundle of 2

Like Father

Image from IMDb

Be touched by this family-oriented film starring Kristen Bell. Learn what happens when a young executive gets left at the altar and meets her estranged father in a tropical island. Enjoy this comedy-drama with a bundle of 2 Dewar’s 15 yo with you and your movie buddies. Experience that golden honey and rich coconut and vanilla hints for that pure tropical flavor for a tropical film. 


Start your July right by celebrating the second half of the year with these exclusive deals from Boozy. Take the chance to start the second half of 2021 with your favorite drinking buddy and favorite films from stars that were born in this special month. Relax and unwind with the best drinks and the best films from the best July-Born on-screen performers.