Booze, Food and More at Tanqueray Flavors Masterclass

Article published at: 2022년 10월 27일
Boozy and Tanqueray Flavors Masterclass
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It was that boldness and creativity that paved the way for Charles Tanqueray to invent the gin recipe that came to be known as the Tanqueray London Gin back in the 1830s, and those same characteristics remain present in Tanqueray today as it continues to discover new flavors. But while these new flavors expand Tanqueray’s horizons, it remains true to its original, iconic taste - a smooth, perfectly balanced gin, with a dominant juniper taste that is loved by drinkers from all over the world. 


But of course, a great drink like the Tanqueray and its new flavors is best enjoyed with great food and great company, whether it’s to celebrate an important occasion or to simply enjoy a high quality drink and engage in friendly conversations. This is exactly what happened when Tanqueray, in partnership with Boozy, recently held the Tanqueray Flavors Masterclass at the Tanqueray Terrace, Palacio de Memoria. Aside from a special workshop by Diageo’s ambassador David Abalayan, guests were also treated by Tanqueray and Boozy to a fun and memorable night filled with friends, food, and the best drinks!

Tanqueray Terrace

The guests who attended the Tanqueray Flavors Masterclass were not only treated to an informative workshop, but also had the chance to discover the different flavors of the award-winner Tanqueray gin. Among the different flavors of the Tanqueray that were served to the guests include the Tanqueray Rangpur (P2,199), which gives a new look to the world renowned gin, but still retains its great taste.  The rare Rangpur lime adds a distinct and bold flavor to the classic taste of the Tanqueray, along with the addition of mandarin orange give a different twist to the Tanqueray gin that people have come to love. 

Tanqueray Rangpur

Another flavor of the Tanqueray that guests were able to try at the Tanqueray Flavors Masterclass was the Tanqueray Sevilla (P2,199). It is a unique distilled gin made with Sevilla orange essences and other botanicals and was inspired by both Charles Tanqueray’s recipes and the ripening oranges on the trees in Seville, Spain. This combination results in a perfect blend of the bittersweet taste of Seville oranges and the classic complexity of the Tanqueray London Dry Gin. 

Tanqueray Sevilla

Aside from good food and good company, guests at the Tanqueray Flavors Masterclass were also able to sample the Tanqueray Malacca (P2,199), which is a sweet, spicy gin with increased levels of citrus. Its flavor resembles some of the old-fashioned styles of Old Tom gin, and is perfect for cocktails. And finally, another flavor that guests were able to enjoy on this fun night was the Tanqueray No. 10 (P2,399), which is distilled with fresh citrus to create a brighter taste. With flavors that include pink grapefruit, citrus, lemon, lime, juniper, coriander, and wheat, the Tanqueray No. 10 is considered as one of the finest-tasting spirits and is sure to make a night with friends even more special.

Tanqueray No. 10

Aside from the different flavors of the Tanqueray, guests at the Tanqueray Flavors Masterclass were also served delicious food by Diageo’s ambassador David Abalayan. This made the occasion a night to remember and a celebration of how far Tanqueray has come through the invention of different flavors, and yet still retaining its original taste that has been recognized all over the world and loved by many drinkers. 

Guests at the Tanqueray Flavors Masterclass

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