Which FRIENDS Character Are You Based on Your Go-To Drink

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Which FRIENDS Character Are You Based on Your Go-To Drink - Boozy PH
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So no one told you life was gonna be this way…

After years of waiting, the group of friends who influenced much of the early ’90s until the late 2000s are back with a reunion episode! It wasn’t an additional episode to the series but more of a documentary of how this legendary show was built. Hosted by James Corden, Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey together with the producers took us in the process of how they’ve built one of the world’s greatest sitcoms in history. 

It’s amazing to see that a whole new generation is still able to appreciate and relate to Friends despite the fact that this show ended 17 years ago. Although some jokes no longer click with the younger audience… or perhaps, they were never really funny to begin with, it’s the moments when the laughter stops, ‘Friends’ shows that they are something greater than your average sitcom.

In these quiet moments, we understand why the show’s legacy still lives on until this day. It’s simply not just about the laughs. Throughout the show, we are able to resonate with these mid-20s navigating their way through life experiencing ups and downs in family, love, and career. Who else feels like they get closer to the characters as the show progresses? We know we did. 

As we continue to bask in the timeless story told by Friends and our favorite characters in the show, let's see which Friends' character you are based on your go-to drink!

1. Tanqueray Gin – Rachel Green

In a crowd of beer drinkers and wine enthusiasts, you are something special! There’s more to you than what meets the eye just like Rachel Green. In Season 1, we meet Rachel as a spoiled brat who is “equipped to do nothing.” Throughout the series, we see her strength, character development, and bold personality, just like this bottle of Tanqueray – dry yet bold.

Tanqueray Gin – Rachel Green

Photo from @tanqueraygin

Tanqueray gin is a goddess in the world of gin. This perfectly dry gin filled with an inviting array of botanicals is a pure pleasure. It’s the perfect gin for a fine martini as well as a gin tonic cocktail. 

2. Heineken – Joey Tribbiani 

Heineken – Joey Tribbiani

Photo from @heineken

In Friends, Joey is portrayed as someone who is naturally good in nature, dim-witted, and caring. Joey’s character is highly influential in keeping the sitcom light due to his charms and humor. If you are a Heineken drinker, you like to chill and you know exactly how to, just like Joey! You don’t want to experience intoxicated falls at night outs since you want to really enjoy the moment. 

3. Bread and Butter Pinot Noir – Monica Geller

If your go-to drink is a fine bottle of pinot noir, we can tell that you are a hard worker who may have tendencies of constantly feeling pressured to do good at everything you do. Like a classic ESTJ personality type Monica Geller embodies a fine bottle of Bread & Butter Pinot Noir. This brand of liquor is filled with juicy red fruit flavors: cherries, raspberries, with a touch of cassis and blended with cedar, smoke, and bay leaf hints. We find Monica’s intense and hardworking personality one of her most desirable traits that remind us of a luscious Bread & Butter Pinot Noir.

Bread and Butter Pinot Noir – Monica Geller

Photo from @breadandbutterwines

If you're Monica, remember not to take your work too seriously and let loose with a B&B every now then.

4. Grey Goose Vodka – Chandler Bing

Grey Goose Vodka – Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing is someone who makes sarcastic comments here and there as a defense mechanism from internal issues brought about by his parents’ divorce. As we said, Friends proves to be more than just a sitcom in scenes where we get to see the characters’ humanistic traits. Chandler’s character proves this point as we watch him overcome his commitment issues for Monica.  Like taking shots of Grey Goose, it’s all fun and happy at first until…

5. Hoegaarden Rosée – Amy Green (Rachel's Sister)

Hoegaarden Rosée – Amy Green (Rachel's Sister)

Photo from @hoegaarden.asia

Reese Witherspoon first appears in the Friends episode called: The One with Rachel’s Sister as Rachel’s sister. This beer perfectly embodies Amy Green. Unfiltered (beer) like Amy who speaks her mind yet sweet with hints of spice. 

6. Jose Cuervo Gold – Phoebe Buffay

Jose Cuervo Gold – Phoebe Buffay

Photo from @cuervopilipinas

Phoebe Buffay’s personality is quite eccentric, odd, yet throughout the series, we realize that she is actually very substantial and smart. Growing up, Phoebe experienced a tough life that was everything but normal. Despite her mommy issues and other conflicts with her twin sister, Phoebe remains pure with child-like joy. 

As we all know, a few shots of Jose Cuervo will have you singing to Smelly Cat with much confidence! Like Phoebe, Jose Cuervo is strong and the type of drink you’d have around with your friends. 

7. Ballantine’s 12yo – Ross Geller

As we all know, Ballantine’s 12yo is a single malt whisky that offers a refined yet approachable taste. Whether you are a whisky drinker or not, or you want to get started, Ballantine 12yo is a great start.

Ballantine’s 12yo – Ross Geller

Photo from @ballantines

They say whisky drinkers are mostly intellectuals just like Ross Geller. Ross is passionate about paleontology, which none of his friends understand! Ross is the type of person who prefers to read a book than watch TV all day.

8. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold - Richard Burke

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold - Richard Burke

Photo from @captainmorganusa

If you forgot about Richard, Richard is Monica’s ex-boyfriend who happens to be part of her parents’ circle of friends. Yup, in case you don’t remember, Richard is 21 years older than Monica. They say rum drinkers are “king of good times” and like to stay young by having fun. This wasn’t always true for Richard Burke. But, after being divorced this handsome doctor chose to be adventurous just like a bottle of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold!

9. Aperol - Gunther

Aperol - Gunther

Photo from @aperolspritzofficial

Aperol is a bittersweet fusion of different herbs that’s bright orange in color! It’s one of the world’s best aperitif and the best Aperol to make an Aperol Spritz with or other than famous cocktails. Like this bittersweet drink, Gunther, although a guest star, is a great flavor to the show. 

Who would forget Gunther? He’s Central Perk’s barista (the coffee shop the gang would always hang out in) and one of the most frequent guest stars of the show. Similar to Aperol, Gunther’s heart is bittersweet - since she only gets to love her from a distance. 

If you haven’t watched the reunion, now’s your time to watch. Order some booze from us and experience nostalgia. I don’t know about you but that reunion was heartwarming and much needed. As always, Friends is able to ease up our anxieties a bit and relieve our stress!