Where the fun and booze were limitless: Here’s the recap of Whisky Fest 2023’s jumpstart event

Article published at: 2023年3月27日
Whisky Fest 2023’s jumpstart event
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It’s a known fact that whisky is best served at parties. You can’t get any more classier by popping out a good one while in the midst of good music and even better company. In fact, that’s exactly what we did at Whisky Fest 2023, Boozy’s kickstart event to a weeklong celebration jampacked with exciting giveaways, much-awaited deals, and customer-friendly discounts all for you to experience the wonderful world of whisky.

Boozy Whisky Fest

Whisky lovers flocked the scene at Whisky Park in McKinley West–a little tidbit for you, Whisky Park is actually the first and largest outdoor whisky park in Asia!--on March 23 with smiles on their faces and of course, a free whisky in hand as they enter the premises. Right from the get-go, they were greeted with the walls aptly and beautifully decorated with an array of Charles & Jameson Light Whisky 1L to set off the mood for the entire night.

Before we give you what we have in store for the week, let’s first look back at all the exciting happenings at this year’s event.

Miguel Guerrero

Starting off the night, we had Boozy’s very own CEO and co-founder Miguel Guerrero opening the ceremony with a brief speech thanking everyone who took the time to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.

"We all know why we’re here tonight, and it’s to celebrate Boozy’s Annual Whisky Fest happening from March 23-27! Enjoy whisky deals up to 50% off, whisky freebies, and raffle prizes on Boozy.ph," Guerrero said in his opening remarks.

Whisky Tasting

He also presented Prof. Gerry Ele, aka ‘The Bar Prof”, who manned the Whisky Tasting 101. Ele guided each and every one’s tastebuds as people’s tongues sailed away to discover new whiskies applauded by various regions in the world. He differentiated what Whisky and Whiskey truly was, their stark difference and similarities. He also gradually tore down the building blocks of a good whisky so that all the guests could experience it properly. The whisky sommelier also taught the audience how to identify the notes, nose, tones, and finish of the malt beverage to make the most out of it.


The drinks that were readily available to taste were more than enough to satiate the entirety of the park. But to put a number on it, the first drink to pre-game the event was the Charles & James Light 1L with 25% alcohol by volume (ABV). Smoothness through and through, this particular drink was made especially for the Filipino palate. Crafted with perfection and quality in mind without breaking the bank, Charles & James Light whisky definitely rounded out the corners of this year’s Whisky Fest.

Once there’s already a buzz, we can only go for more. Adding to the splendid taste of barrel-aged goodness is Claymore Blended Scotch Whisky with 40% ABV. A mixture of earthy tones and smoke on the tongue and a hint of ashy and fruity on the nose, this delight is perfect for both connoisseurs and beginners. Best served with tonic water!

And lastly, the event was also oiled up with the amazing taste of White & Mackay 40% ABV. An easy whisky to consume, this mixture of dried fruits and molasses is perfect neat or on the rocks. This drink indeed became one of the crowd favorites.

All these whisky products were up for everyone’s drinking pleasure as the night continued on. You can even say that the gold was free-flowing then.

But the drinks weren't the only ones that were unlimited. Plenty snack stations were also providing the lovely guests the whole night to satisfy their bar chow cravings.

Socializing was also one of the highlights of the events. Friends, new and old, got to party all night long as they bonded over the different entertainment amenities the park has to offer.

And of course, it wouldn't be a party without the music. After the masterclass with Prof. Gerry, Intensity PH serenaded the function with cover songs from their line up as well as song requests by the guests.

Whisky Park in partnership with Boozy also got the prizes covered with a raffle that was drawn at the late PMs. In the form of a golden ticket, two lucky attendees won a free whisky park table perfect for a group for their next hangout!

DJ Allen Mitzy

To cap off the night, electrifying beats were provided by DJ Allen Mitzy as the liquor, food, and laughter carried on, ultimately creating new memories for everyone involved.

Boozy's kickstart Whisky Fest 2023 event wouldn't be possible without their trusted partners, EDI and Whisky Park.

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