Pairing Valorant, FIFA 21, Valheim, and others with Boozy’s Top Beers

Article published at: 2021年5月22日 Article tag: featured-posts
Pairing Valorant, FIFA 21,and others with Boozy’s Top Beers
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Video games are more than an escape and also more than about being a fan of a game. Back then we would play games to finish a mission, get ourselves away from always thinking about our responsibilities, and it was all offline fun.

Nowadays, video games are more than that. Given how rampant the online community is, it is now a tool to connect with other people regardless of their distance from you. Sometimes this connection becomes a friendship or a road to a new competence in the game. 

So whether you are ranking up alone, managing your Football Team as a General Manager, or you’re completing quests with new-found friends, here are the top six beers from Boozy that are best paired with some of your favorite video games: 

1. Valorant x Heineken 330ml 6-Pack 

From Counter-Strike to Call of Duty and everything in between, first-person tactical shooter games are always a sure classic in the gaming community. Valorant offers that same FPS Game experience in its own unique way. A vast set of firearms to choose from and different skillsets for each character adds another dimension to your FPS experience. Slaying enemies in Bind, Haven, Icebox, Split, Ascent, or in Breeze may be tiring. That’s why having a cold bottle of Heineken by your side would take your gaming experience to another level.

Heineken 330ml 6-Pack

Photo from @heineken

Its crisp and balanced taste will surely get you loaded as you wait for your next target. Surely a perfect combo for your next game night; a classic game with a classic drink. 

2. Mobile Legends x Engkanto Pale Ale 330ml

Mobile Legends has definitely taken gamers by storm. This free-to-play mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is known for its fast-paced gameplay and action-packed skirmishes between two teams of five heroes each. Winning is not easy in this game. With a variety of heroes and item upgrades, each game requires a unique strategy to destroy the enemy’s base. This makes each victory worth celebrating with the rest of your team. Celebrate your victories whether you’re playing solo, duo, or with a full 5-man party with a refreshing bottle of Engkanto Pale Ale.

Engkanto Pale Ale 330ml

Photo from @engkantobrewery

This drink combines a strong citrus aroma followed by a soft malt bill and is concluded by a balanced hop flavor. 

3. FIFA 21 x Murphy’s Irish Stout 500ml

FIFA always delivers on giving gamers that virtual football experience for years. FIFA 21 is no exception with big rating upgrades for today’s top footballing stars like Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, and Mbappe. Fans don’t have to wait for the next El Classico or Manchester Derby to happen when they can have that match anytime they want on their PlayStation5 or Xbox Series X|S. FIFA, like football itself, is best played with friends that bring out the competitor in you. That’s why after a competitive game of FIFA freshen up with the smooth and creamy Murphy’s Irish Stout.

Murphy’s Irish Stout 500ml

Photo from @murphyskorea

Its thirst-quenching creamy malt flavor would surely freshen you up for your next match with your favorite team. 

4. Valheim x Stella Artois 330ml Bundle of 6

With your playing field stated at the Tenth Norse World, Valheim where you are assigned to be a custodian. In here, you will explore adventures from both spectrums of your realm while fighting off beasts. Some of those beasts were feared by Odin himself. It is a survival game for 1-10 players, set in a  purgatory inspired by Viking culture.

Valheim is developed by the Swedish studio Iron Gate and was launched on Steam Early Access on February 2 and has already gained fans out of games who have started their journey to explore its open world. After a hard-earned victory over a final boss with your crew or even alone, a Stella Artois’ crisp, refreshing flavor pairs best when basking on your finished deed.

Stella Artois 330ml Bundle of 6

Photo from @stellaartois

5. Genshin Impact x Sapporo 330ml

Along with your companion Paimon, you are a traveler in an open-world map game made by miHoYo. It is a world full of different creatures, walks of life, and all of which flows with elemental energy. It’s an action-based game system wherein you progress as you run along with the creatures you have to face and eventually beat. 

When you do, you earn experience, new elemental magic, new characters to switch (think Tekken Tag when switching characters but it’s an open-world and uses a gacha game monetization system. Exploring the open-world map is best paired with a beer that takes you to places, the way a Sapporo only can. 

Sapporo 330ml

Photo from @sapporocanada

Sapporo is the oldest beer brand in Japan, providing an amazingly crisp taste, refreshing flavour, and refined bitterness to leave a clean finish. Perfect when cold and paired with every mission finished and every new feature unlocked with Paimon.


PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS or better known as PUBG is an online last-man-standing/battle royale game that can be played with multiplayer, whether that’s as a duo, a squad of four (4), or solo. It was developed and published by PUBG Corporation, inspired by previous battle royale games and including the film, Battle Royale (2000). 

It may depend on how many you start out in the game, some maps offer 100 players, and some offer 50 players. Much like battle royale games, PUBG starts out with a large safe area, only getting smaller and smaller as the game progresses to crowning its “Chicken Dinner” to the winner. Celebrate every Chicken Dinner with a packed punch found in a Crazy Carabao Pale Ale. Providing you firm bitterness matched with citrus and pine hops blends perfectly with the crystal malt giving you a bold beer.

Crazy Carabao Pale Ale 6-Pack

Photo from @crazycarabao

Truly, teamwork makes the dream work in this case. To top it off, have a cold one. Whether it’s a hard-fought match with your squad, a new upgrade for your character, or your team, here’s a cheers to exploring more video games and making new friends online!