Pairing Jujutsu Kaisen, Sweet Tooth, Sweet and Sour, other trending Netflix films/shows with Boozy’s Top Spirits

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Trending Netflix films/shows with Boozy’s Top Spirits
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Movie nights are necessary; there is a study that proves how therapeutic it is to be in a state of calmness when watching films and/or shows. It may not be the movie house experience we used to look forward to when going to the cinemas, but staying at home has been a bigger priority as of late for us. 

A handful of films and shows are here to knock your socks off, proving why they are indeed on the trending list of Netflix PH. While the good vibes continue to flow in, welcome good spirits when you pair these Boozy’s top drinks with these trending films and shows:

1. Jujutsu Kaisen x Glenlivet 12 yo

Glenlivet 12 yo

Photo from @theglenlivet

The story here starts out with Yuji Itadori who seems to be an expert at track and field. While he is filled with that kind of expertise, he holds low regard for running around since he's already satisfied with being a member of the Occult Research Club. Watch out though, the story can get chippy when a real conflict presents itself in school!

Yuji also loved his grandfather and he made a promise to him during his deathbed; it is that he will do good deeds so, during his own deathbed, he can see his loved ones gathered around him. So much for promising to do good deeds when a promise turns into a curse. Yuji then crosses paths with Megumi Fushiguro, a shaman who is out to retrieve a cursed object. While Fushiguro and Yuji fight one of the spirits, Yuji happens to swallow the cursed object and instills its power in him. From being a doer of good deeds, Yuji becomes cursed by the object and gets tagged along into Fushiguro's world of shamans and cursed spirits.

As complex and delicate Yuji has to be to fulfill his life’s promise in this narrative, the Glenlivet 12 yo entails similarities. Being bright and lively gold in color, while also giving you a fruit aroma and a well-balanced palate with strong pineapple notes. Indeed, the ideal pairing to Yuji’s journey in the cursed world.

2. Sweet Tooth x Hendrick’s

Hendrick’s Gin

Photo from @hendricksgin

Hendrick’s prides itself in being an unusual gin created from 11 fine botanicals as well as rose petals and cucumbers that give the gin its unique flavor. Some of these botanicals include juniper, coriander, and angelica root, giving this spirit a uniquely balanced flavor that results in an unimpeachably smooth and distinct gin. Similarly, if you’re looking for a Netflix series that is unique like Hendrick’s, then you might want to give Sweet Tooth a shot.

The series is based on a comic book and is about an event called The Great Crumble, which led to the emergence of hybrid babies that were born part-human and part-animal. Gus, a boy who is also part-deer, is one of those hybrids, and he embarks on an adventure with Jeppard across this new world in search of answers while avoiding dangers. While enjoying this unique fantasy drama series, you may want to have a glass of Hendrick’s, which, like this series, also has an unusual and lovable flavor. 

3. Sweet & Sour x Suntory Roku Gin

Suntory Roku Gin

Photo from @suntoryroku_gin

All kinds of love are considered as love. This includes long-distance love. Nothing else talks about facing real-world challenges through a couple that is fighting the highs and lows of a long-distance relationship. Jang Hyeok falls in love with a nurse and gets into a romantic relationship with Jung Da-Eun. Portraying the classic honeymoon phase of any romantic relationship, Jang Hyeok exerts effort at the start. But as time passes, the cracks in their relationship begin to show, and their enthusiasm for each other starts to fade. Jang Hyeok also desires to work at a bigger company, so Jang Hyeok tries to get in the same place. However, the brilliant Han Bo-Yeong wants the same job as well and proves to be a tough competitor. Truly a journey it’s going to be as Jang Hyeok is caught between trying to make his relationship work while saving his life’s career.

To fully enjoy this rollercoaster love story, this is best paired with the first gin from Japan's legendary Suntory - Roku Gin. This gin’s expression is much like Jang Hyeok’s step-by-step battle in the corporate and real world, it is made delicately using only a selection of botanicals, including six Japanese botanicals providing a whistle-stop tour of the four seasons. These include sakura leaf and sakura flower for spring, sencha tea and gyokuro tea for summer, sansho pepper for autumn, and yuzu peel for winter. Traditional gin botanicals also featured include the likes of juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander, and cinnamon, among others.

4. Law School x Jose Cuervo Gold

Jose Cuervo Gold Especial

Photo from @cuervopilipinas

One of the most enduring genres of TV is the legal drama, which has undergone many changes over the years. Law School, a South Korean drama currently streaming on Netflix, is one of the latest additions to this classic genre, but it is more than a rehash of the legal dramas that came before it. Set in Hankuk University Law School, the series revolves not only on the lives of the students, but also their professors. Their lives take a drastic turn when one of the professors is found dead at the school and one of his colleagues is accused of being a suspect, which is also what sets Law School apart from other legal dramas.

One drink that can be described as a perfect mix of the old and new just like this legal drama is the Jose Cuervo Gold. It is a golden style joven tequila made from a blend of reposado or aged tequilas as well as younger tequilas. With aromas of ground peppercorn and spice and orange peel and flavors of black pepper and sweet caramel, this drink that mixes the old and new is the perfect companion while watching this captivating legal drama. 

5. Lucifer x Absolut Blue

Absolut Blue Vodka

Photo from @absolutvodka

Since being launched in New York in 1979, the Absolut Blue has become one of the most popular vodkas and is known for its versatility. It is clean and complex on the nose with subtle cereal notes and smooth and mellow to the taste with a distinct character of pepper grain and a hint of dried fruit and sourdough bread. All these ingredients make it a versatile drink and an essential for parties or when enjoying a drink alone.

Similarly, Lucifer is a show that can be described as versatile. After growing bored of being the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar abandons his kingdom and goes to Los Angeles, where he runs a nightclub called Lux and helps the Los Angeles Police Department. Aside from being a fantasy, Lucifer is also a police procedural, a comedy, and a drama all rolled into one. The versatility to cater to different audiences is a reason for the show’s popularity, and the same can be said of the Absolut Blue and why it has become one of the world’s most popular vodkas. 

6. Xtreme x Jim Beam White

Jim Beam White

Photo from @jimbeamofficial

How about an action-drama-crime-film noir entry? This is a story of a retired hitman, Max. A story that centers on whether revenge is earned or something that is a rite of passage in life. Two years after his beloved brother Lucero gunned down his son and father, Max is left with no choice but to plan a carefully plotted revenge plan against his own brother.

For this action-packed film, it’s best paired with an elegant and refined bourbon like the Jim Beam White, the world’s number one selling bourbon. Distilled in Kentucky in the United States, the Jim Beam White is distinguished by its oaky vanilla aroma with a spicy backdrop. Its flavor, meanwhile, is medium-bodied, mellow, with hints of caramel and vanilla. The Jim Beam White, with its smooth flavor and spicy aroma, is the perfect companion for a film that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with thrilling action. 

7. Emoji Movie x Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka

Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka

Photo from @kantosaltedcaramel

Have you ever sent an emoji to a friend but took it back by sending another one because you accidentally sent the wrong one? For this entry, we see the backstage of the emojis that we send. The story focuses on Gene, an emoji with a slight identity crisis but they call him a ‘multi-expression emoji.’ He gets scheduled to be deleted as an emoji after he screws up a message from one of the users, Alex, who was trying to send a message to his crush. Gene escapes the agents sent to destroy him and accepts his uniqueness.

Join the wild ride of Gene and pair it best with a bottle of Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka. Nothing but good vibes and a delightful caramel taste in a vodka that pays homage to the Filipino's unique tagayan drinking style. 

8. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid x Patron Silver

Patron Silver

Photo from @patron

Since it was launched in 1997 with the film Anaconda, it has spawned sequels that have grossed millions of dollars at the box office. One of those is the 2004 film Anaconda: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, which centers on a group of researchers in an expedition in the Southeast Asian island of Borneo, Indonesia. Their goal is to find a flower called the Blood Orchid, which they believe could prolong the lives of humans. But what they find on the island instead are giant anacondas, and their expedition soon becomes a race for survival.

Serving as a perfect contrast to this film that blends adventure and horror is the Patron Silver, which was made from the finest Weber Blue Agave. The vodka is carefully distilled at the Hacienda Patron in Jalisco, Mexico, and has a smooth, sweet, and delicate aroma of fruits and citrus. It has a light pepper finish and can be sipped, over ice, or mixed into a cocktail, which gives drinkers options to consume this vodka while enjoying an intense film like this Anaconda sequel. 

9. Orphan x Fundador Exclusivo

Fundador Exclusivo

Photo from @fundadorbrandy

While other films and TV series on this list have horror elements, Orphan is the only one that actually ventures into the genre. This 2009 film is about a couple who adopts a mysterious girl from their local orphanage after the death of their unborn child. The girl is Esther, a nine-year-old Russian who, as it turns out, is not who she says she is and attempts to destroy the lives of her new family members.

When watching a film as intense as Orphan, you may want to consider having a drink that is just as dark and strong, like the Fundador Exclusivo. With an intense dark gold color, this brandy is strong on the nose with aromas of wood seasoned with Oloroso Sherry after a long ageing period. This long process results in a drink that is balanced, full and smoothly dry in the mouth with a pleasant experience. Watching Orphan may not be as pleasant, but the Fundador Exclusivo is a drink that matches the darkness and intensity of this horror film.

Whether it’s the latest K-Drama, an action adventure series, or even a horror film, there are plenty of series and films to choose from Netflix’s large catalogue. And aside from popcorn and snacks, having a drink in hand from Boozy’s selection of spirits is the perfect way to watch these popular shows and films.