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Cognac Day
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Date nights are a way for us to bond and reconnect with our partners after a busy workday. Finding time for date nights may be difficult during a pandemic. That’s why making each date extra special would be worth the time and effort. Make your next date night extra special with Boozy’s top bottles of Cognac for you and your special someone.

Trying new things is always a great way to keep a relationship strong. That’s why if you haven’t tried getting a bottle of Cognac to go with your date night, this is your sign to do so.  Here is a playlist by Boozy to pair with your date night plans!

Let us be your guide in getting to know more about this French spirit in regards to origin, flavor, food pairing, and more. Just so you’re prepared for that special night with your special someone. 

Origin and where it’s grown:

Cognac is a variety of brandy that got its name from its place of origin, the commune of Cognac, France. Its French creators refer to it as l’eau de vie or the water of life.

Each bottle is essentially made up of the grape varieties of ugni blanc, folle blanche, and colombard. Once harvested, the grapes are fermented into wine for a week. It is then distilled in a copper pot still and is eventually aged for a number of years in oak casks. 

Although the French take pride in introducing Cognac to the rest of the world, it was the Dutch that first introduced brandy to the world. The Dutch started distilling their wine to preserve the wine when it’s being shipped. This process was adopted by their neighbors including the French. The French’s own take on brandy delivered a smoother flavor compared to its European counterparts and thus rose to fame. 

Cognac’s Flavor Profile: 

Generally speaking, Cognac has a vinous flavor, being a distilled wine. But the flavor of each bottle may vary depending on how long it was aged and how well it was blended. A bottle of Cognac that is well-aged reveals a candied fruit and citrus flavor upfront. Displaying the rich flavor of each grape variety blended in each bottle. It is to be followed by hints of spice to represent the oak cask in which it has rested for years. 

Old Cognac has a smooth mouthfeel with a velvety texture combined with the tannins, while younger Cognacs tend to have a robust and spicy primary taste. 

Traditionally, Cognac is served neat because it is already hydrated from 70% ABV to 40% ABV to provide prime concentration. 

Food Pairing

With smooth hints of spice and citrus in every sip, Cognac is best paired with sweet and savory meals.

Starting the night with fresh and light servings of cheese would go well to each sip of this French classic. The lightness from the cheese that is to be followed by the smooth texture of the Cognac would be a great way to start a lovely evening.

Having glazed pork or sweet pork belly as your main course will definitely blend well with your glass of Cognac. Pairing it with duck or foie gras is also a great pairing because its rich and fatty texture allows the Cognac’s velvety texture to be enhanced during the meal.

To top it off, chocolates for dessert is one of the best ways to end your meal. The sweet flavor of cacao balances the spicy and leathery flavors of Cognac. For aged Cognacs, darker and creamier chocolates are best.  

A full course meal accompanied by France’s own take on brandy is an experience worth sharing with a special person. Already thinking about that next date night? Here’s a list of Boozy’s top bottles for your Cognac Date Night with your partner.

1. Hennessy VS 700ml

Hennessy VS 700ml

Photo from @hennessy

Get the world-famous Cognac brand, Hennessy delivered to your doorstep through Boozy. This classic bottle of Cognac is blended with more than forty Eaux-de-vie (brandy parcels). 

Giving you fine aromas of sweet fruit with notes of caramel, cloves, nuts, and oaky notes. The palate is round with smooth fruity flavors finished with hints of vanilla. Best served neat accompanied by a savory entree. 

2. Hennessy VSOP 700ml

Hennessy VSOP 700ml

Photo from @hennessy

The epitome of balance and class in a bottle. Hennessy VSOP has a blend of 60 Eaux-de-vie that’s been aged for 15 years. 

This golden amber Cognac has the aroma of caramel and the touch of orange chocolate on the palate. This drink is sure to give you that smooth and warm finish after each sip. 

3. Hennessy XO 700ml

Hennessy XO 700ml

Photo from @hennessy

Complex, properly aged, and well-blended. The original X.O Cognac by Hennessy is bold, rich, and persistent. This elegant bottle is the best company for a date night to remember.

Offering a glass of Cognac with texture as smooth and flavor as rich as the X.O is a great way to tell that special someone that they are indeed, special.  

4. Camus Ile De Re Double Matured Island 700ml

Camus Ile De Re Double Matured Island 700ml

Photo from @camuscognac

Matured and produced in Ile De Re, an island off the west coast of France. Each grape variety is distilled on the lees to enhance the original flavor of each Eaux-de-vie.

It is then matured in a damp cellar after which is transported to old barrels to give that toasty and smoky flavor. This unique process is sure to give that sophisticated Cognac taste and texture. 

5. Camus XO Elegance 700ml

Camus XO Elegance 700ml

Photo from @camuscognac

Its name best describes itself--Elegance in every sip. Camus uses Eaux-de-vie from all of Cognac’s six crus to craft a luxurious and impressive brandy. 

Its unique flavor stands out on its own. Perfect as a postprandial drink with its rich notes of vanilla, ripe fruit, and oak. A truly elegant way to end your date night with your partner. 

6. Martell VS Single Distillery 700ml

Martell VS Single Distillery 700ml

Photo from @martellofficial

One of France’s oldest Cognac distillery serving bottles for three centuries now. This gold and shiny Cognac has the pleasant aroma of plum, apricot, and candied lemon. 

The sight and aroma is to be followed with a fruity, luscious, round, and sweet taste. One of the richer and more intense bottles of Cognacs in the list. Definitely a bottle to spice things up during date nights. 

7. Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels 700ml

Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels 700ml

Photo from @martellofficial

Martell’s VSOP aged in red fine-grained oak barrels is a perfectly balanced Cognac. Its rich fruit notes are balanced by a delicacy of aromatic power.  

To the eye, it has a warm copper color giving it a uniquely luminous shine. It is followed by a round and fresh scent with fruity notes. Aromas similar to apricot and vine peach are present in each glass. 

The flavor is filled with notes of Mirabelle plum, apricot, and greenage with subtle hints of wood and soft spices. Perfect to be paired with a pork belly or foie gras during date night. 

8. Remy Martin VSOP 700ml

Remy Martin VSOP 700ml

Photo from @remymartin

The Remy Martin VSOP combines power and elegance in a bottle. It embodies the art of blending from the Cellar Master. 

This Cognac has a silky texture with a dominant aroma of vanilla, ripe apricot, and baked apple. This scent captures an elegant floral note. 

In the mouth, this drink offers a perfect harmony between ripe fruit and subtle notes of liquorice. Giving that complex and powerful smooth taste each time. Best served neat for a romantic date night. 

9. Monnet Cognac XO 700ml

Monnet Cognac XO 700ml

Photo from @cognacmonnet

The XO Cognac by Monnet is slowly blended from Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Each drop is aged in Limousin oak casks far beyond the minimum time needed to age Cognac.

This process is responsible for the enhanced, warm, and elixir-like qualities of each bottle. This Cognac with burnished gold highlights delivers a balance of flavors between structure, character, and delicacy. On the nose, this richly complex cognac blends sweet, spicy aromas of liquorice, and candied fruits. 

Each sip offers an exceptional roundness with a luxuriously long finish.   

Each bottle of Cognac goes through a complex process that requires a lot of effort from harvesting to distilling and time for aging. Each step of the process guarantees an elegant experience for you and your partner. Grab a bottle from Boozy’s own Cognac collection and create special moments wherever you want.