Beer n' Play with Boozy this Independence Day!

Article published at: 2021年6月11日 Article tag: featured-posts
Beer n' Play with Boozy this Independence Day!
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Independence may mean a lot of meaningful things, but for some, it can be found during the chance to relax from all the stressful work emails and video calls. Some use video games as an escape and some just want to slow things down with a cool bottle of beer. As we celebrate our nation’s Independence this weekend, why not unwind with both? Boozy’s got you covered with the top video games available on Steam paired with Boozy’s top beers for the stress-free weekend you’ve been craving all week. 

1. CS:GO x Crazy Carabao Variety Pack

Crazy Carabao Variety Pack

Photo from @crazycarabao

Arguably the most famous first-person shooter game in the market, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), is surely a game that will take the stress out of your system. One can destroy their objective as terrorists or prevent that from happening as counter-terrorists. With different types of ammunition, grenades, and maps, this game will surely be a lot of fun for you and your friends. Share this moment of bonding with your friends with a Crazy Carabao Variety Pack from Boozy. This pack gives you the complete package with 2 bottles each of Golden Ale for fruity and floral hints, IPA for that tropical hint with a bitter finish, and Pilsner for that floral flavor with a spicy herbal finish. 

2. Marvel Super War x Engkanto Lager

Engkanto Lager

Photo from @engkantobrewery

Play as your favorite superheroes such as Ironman, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Thor, and other superheroes in this tower-lane defense game! The Marvel Super War offers the familiar gameplay of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) mod while also unveiling new heroes and items through collecting gold and spending some money for it. 

The game plays out a classic 5 versus 5 town defense game, wherein the main goal is to destroy the opponents’ Main Tower. Whichever superhero you’re playing the game with, this is best paired with a citrus-tasting beer, the Engkanto Lager. Giving crisp hints of lime and tropical fruit, this is the perfect beer to call it a “Happy Independence Day,” while enjoying every battle in the Marvel Super War world.

3. Fortnite x Murphy's Irish Stout 500ml

Murphy's Irish Stout 500ml

Photo from @murphyskorea

Explore a wide variety of worlds while you haunt your enemies in this battle royal game of Fortnite. With different characters, maps, and weapons to choose from you’ll have different ways to have fun with this game. For long games of Fortnite, Murphy’s Irish Stout should be the perfect companion. This Irish Stout has thirst-quenching flavors of caramel and malt to keep you refreshed while playing long hours of hunting down enemies. 

4. Ark Survival Evolved x Asahi Super Dry 330ml Bundle of 4 Cans

Asahi Super Dry

Photo from @asahibeer_jp

For adventure fans, this new game is for you. Ark Survival Evolved introduces a world where players are stranded on a mysterious island where they must learn to survive. Players must learn to adapt, kill, and outsmart the creatures that are roaming on the island. A game filled with suspense and action is best partnered up with Asahi Super Dry to keep you cool during intense moments. Each can is brewed with excellent richness and satin smoothness to keep you refreshed while battling and escaping the creatures of Ark Survival Evolved. 

5. Dying Light x Budweiser 330ml Bottle

Budweiser 330ml Bottle

Photo from @budweiser

Get prepared to scream with your friends as you try your hardest to survive the zombies of Dying Light. Set in a post-apocalyptic open-world, players will have to scavenge for supplies, craft their own weapons, and run away from flesh-hungry zombies. As you try your best to survive in the game, quenching your thirst with a Budweiser Lager should be in order. Experience the full flavor of premium barley malt which has been produced through traditional Beechwood aging techniques as you play the exciting game of Dying Light. 

6. Need For Speed Heat x Red Horse Beer 330 mL Can 6-Pack

Red Horse Beer 330 mL

Photo from Red Horse Beer

The iconic Need For Speed franchise does it again with its newest addition, Need For Speed Heat. Play as a white-knuckle street racer in Palm City as you beat rivals and the police to the finish line. Tune-up your own ride with customizations made available in the game. To keep the adrenaline going, pair this up with the country’s own Red Horse Beer. Brewed to give you that kick to keep you hyped as you cruise to the finish line. 

7. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout x Hoegaarden Rosée 330ml

Hoegaarden Rosée 330ml

Photo from @hoegaardenroseeph

This game is perfect for those who prefer simple yet fun games compared to complex games. A fun multiplayer game with a simple premise: do not fall. This colorful yet chaotic game is best paired with a bottle of Hoegaarden Rosee. This drink gives a rich sweet fruity taste with hints of coriander to keep you relaxed while trying not to fall, perfect as a celebratory drink after beating your friends to the objective.

8. Football Manager 2021 x Paulaner Original 500ml

Paulaner Original 500ml

Photo from @paulaner

Football Manager 2021 offers football fans a simulation of the tactical and strategic side of the game. Making plays and creating decisions for your team is challenging, which is why pairing this game with Germany’s own Paulaner Original is a perfect fit. This brew is a balance of malty character and hops of light bitterness with every sip. A quality brew that is perfect as you find the right balance in managing the offense and the defense of your own football team. 

9. Until We Die x Peroni Nastro Azzurro 330ml

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 330ml

Photo from @peroninastroazzurro

Until we die is a side-scrolling strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Play as Ivan as he defends his base from mutants that are threatening him and other survivors. Win the game with great strategy and precise timing. Pairing this game with a Peroni Nastro Azzuro which has been strategically brewed over a fair amount of time seems fitting. This brew offers a crisp and refreshing citrus hint with a clean finish. Giving you a taste of Italy in every sip.

Starting Independence Day Weekend with a cold beer and the hottest games is a great way to relax as we end another week. In a way, this weekend is for us to celebrate being ‘Independent’ from the loads of weekday responsibilities we usually have. Take the time to relax, check out our Beer Collection, and unwind with Boozy this weekend.