DL Zabana XO Rum 700ml

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Zabana XO is the bold rum of the Philippine Archipelago – inspired by the flavors and diversity of over seven thousands isles, distilled from the purest Filipino sugarcane, and emboldened by a special double aging process – after aging in American bourbon casks, it is finished in Spain sherry casks.

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sweet like maple syrup

Wanted to try this one - given it's affordable price and the fact that it's local - it seemed like an easy choice. It's quite a dark rum, and syrupy to look at. It has an easy twist cap, with a flow regulator - which unfortunately popped off when I opened this, and surprisingly it was a good thing as I was rewarded with a lovely nose. This smells cloyingly sweet! Maple syrup and caramel hits your nose and you just want to have a sip. And what you sniff is what you get! there is a lingering spicy note though as you finish your gulp, some people might think it's the alcohol, but at less than 40%, it's probably the youthfulness of the spirit.

If you want an amazing mixer for fruity cocktails - this might be it! The maple syrup flavor will turn your drinks into dessert - i wonder how this will taste like in a crepe samurai?

might not be the best for cola as the ending cocktail might just be too sweet, unless you squeeze a lime and go for cuba libre.


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