Roby Marton Gin 700ml


Roby Marton is the only Italian Dry Gin. Born from the idea of the homonymous creator, this Gin is the Italian and artisanal representation of the classic English distillate. The Roby Marton is made by cold infusion as in the oldest method: the distillate base of juniper and cereals is added with botanicals such as cloves, citrus peel, cinnamon, licorice, pink pepper, anise, red fruits and ginger.

The botanicals remain in infusion for about 10 days, to transmit the aromas and perfumes to the distillate. All the components are carefully chosen by the manufacturer, who takes them from the regions where he believes the products are more best. During the year, depending on the seasonality of the products and their availability, Roby Marton composes his infusion, for this reason it is easy to find very small differences between one batch and the other of the very few bottles produced.

Another key feature of this Gin is its slightly turbid color. No clarification and filtering are carried out, but only a light microfiltration that leaves to the product its natural characteristics. Charmingly drunk alone or with a licorice stick, this exclusive Italian product is an excellent alternative to the famous British Gin.

Dressed in a splendid bottle, with a label worthy of the Italian Style that has made us famous all over the world, Roby Marton Gin is definitely a product with which to amaze.

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Robert Sevilla
not your normal gin

This is not your normal gin. I wasn’t aware that this came from Italy, but the taste is topnotch and would give other gins a run for their money. Positively will drink this again!

Ray Uy
Surprisingly tasty!

You have to try this one. It's a different gin altogether, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Surprisingly tasty!

give me more!

Great gin! First time to try an Italian London Dry Gin and Roby Marton did not disappoint. Bagay sa kahit ano.

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