Relx 3 in 1 Pods Mint

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Relx 3 in Pods Mint

*Warning: This product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.

*This product is intended only for existing adult smokers or vapers. If you are under the age of majority and/or not a current smoker/vaper, please refrain from using e-cigarettes or combustible tobacco products. Please follow local guidelines and laws relating to e-cigarette use.

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Customer Reviews

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Eliza Valdez

Excellent service.

Mike Adrian
Tastes like Double Mint - In a Good Way!

I don't really like menthol when smoking. I'm used to the taste of Marlboro Gold/Red but I liked the taste of Mint that came free with my Relx Starter Kit so I ordered a pack of three. This tastes better for me than other fruit flavors that Relx offers. Menthol cigarettes taste like (and have an after taste) like medicine in my mouth but this doesn't. Its flavor is simply like Double Mint gum.

Mae Castro
Fast and easy

Needed some pods fast because I ran out and didn’t have an extra one with me. Was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to order and how fast it was delivered to me. The Relx pods I got were legit. Thanks for the great service!

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