Original Tonic Water Classic 200ml


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Its formula with quinine and natural sugar extracts makes it the perfect complement that will make your long drinks a study in perfection.

Slightly sweet entering the mouth, its subtle citrus notes of orange and lemon provide a slight spiciness on the palate that makes this tonic truly unique. The bitterness of the quinine and the orange endure to its characteristic long finish.


Much more than just a gin and tonic. Close your eyes and take a journey through the Mediterranean via its flavours.

Ingredients: Original Classic Tonic, Spanish Mediterranean-style gin, lemon zest, Mediterranean herbs and olive oil caviar.

1. Serve in a very cold snifter, chilled first with rock ice.

2. Pour the gin.

3. Add the Original Classic Tonic, pouring it slowly down a spiral spoon, so the bubbles do not break.

4. Aromatise with lemon zest and garnish with a bouquet of Mediterranean herbs and olive oil caviar.