Malartic Lagraviere Rouge 2013 750ml

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A late, demanding vintage, in which the adaptation of growing practices enabled us to reach the harvests with fine, healthy grapes.

Despite a cool, overcast, historically wet spring, flowering went well and was uniform, if somewhat late. Fortunately, we had one of the best summers of recent years. July and August were splendid, with high temperatures and not much rain. These two months allowed the vines to catch up a little, but the start of ripening, although fast and fairly uniform, was still fifteen days later than a classic vintage. The end of August and early September saw two rounds of leaf removal and some green harvesting (including the "wings" of the Cabernet) in order to even out differences in degrees of ripening and improve air circulation, thereby reducing the risk of rot.

The Sauvignons white grapes harvest started on 26 September, and was followed, most unusually, by the first Merlot just two days later! A larger team of pickers this year (nearly 100 in total) increased our flexibility and enabled us to deal with a very tight timetable for picking the Merlot. Sometimes more fragile, the grapes were picked with extreme care, finishing on 7 October. Adaptation of canopy management techniques for the Cabernets allowed us to approach the last days of the harvests in the third week of October with confidence: 50% of them were picked up after the summery weekend of 20 October, for even greater ripeness! The vintage is therefore likely to be dominated by the exceptional quality of the Cabernet, due to drastic selection. The wines are very pure and flavourful. These elegant wines are both well-structured and well-balanced with supple and precise tannins.