Havana Club 7yo Añejo 700ml


  • Havana Club 7yo Añejo 700ml
  • Havana Club 7yo Añejo 700ml

Havana Club 7 consists of many different aged rum bases, each with their own personality, the youngest of which is 7 years old, giving Havana Club 7 its unique taste and deep layers of flavour. Each season, a portion of our new batch of rum is put back into the barrel, to slowly age and mature for several more years, ready to be used in future production.


COLOR : Havana Club 7yo has a dazzling and clear mahogany colour

NOSE: Intense and complex notes of cocoa, vanilla, cedar, sweet tobacco and lush tropical fruits

PALATE: Complex palate of vibrant and refined warm cocoa, vanilla, sugarcane, chestnut and caramelised tropical fruit flavours braced by firm, smooth oak and rich brown spice

FINISH: Intense but round and smooth with a hint of crisp sugarcane


Classic Serve : Havana Club Cancha

• 4 parts Havana Club Anejo 7 anos

• 2 parts Honey water (50/50 liquid honey & hot water)

• 1 part lime juice

• Ice Cubes

• Optional 2 parts Sparkling water

How to Serve :

• Fill a highball glass with ice cubes.

• Add the Honey Water, lime juice and Havana Club 7 and stir well. Optional add splash of Sparkling water to make it more


• Garnish with lime wedge.

• Enjoy responsibly!


Vanilla • Spicy • Caramel • Tobacco • Oak • Earthy • Coffee • Sweet

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Kim Taburada
Highly recommendable!

Easy and smooth transaction. A very reliable service. Replies to questions asked with regards to items i ordered in few minutes. Very informative and patient. Will order again next time!

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