Engkanto Pale Ale 330ml


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Exceptionally balanced; our pale is refreshing with candy-like citrus & passionfruit flavor.

The stylistic origins of the Pale Ale can be found in 18th century Europe, with what is now more commonly referred to as a "bitter". Engkanto decided that it was time to flip that expected traditional style, and our efforts gave birth to the Engkanto Pale Ale craft beer. The only way to articulate this drinking experience is flavor. Our Pale Ale craft beer presents a very "sessionable" drinking experience, beginning with a strong citrus aroma, followed by a soft, yet complex malt bill, and ending with an exceptionally balanced hop flavor. The overall character of this craft beer is highlighted by candy-like citrus and passionfruit flavor that is remarkably refreshing.

ABV: 6% 

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Andrew Weiner
rich man's Red Horse!

Dunno fellas....this one tastes almost identical to my old friend RH! Except I'm paying 2x the price and losing about 1% in ABV. Think I'll stick with Engkanto's IPA and drink RH when I want something more pale. Meh.

Yunheon Lee
Best craft beer I tasted in PH

I tried Pale ale and Lager, both are very flavorful and fresh. Really enjoyed and ready to order different kind of Engkanto

Rusty bottle caps

Upon opening bottles, caps are rusty leaving rust marks on rim of bottle and smells like rust.

Kevin Dominic De Guzman

Engkanto Pale Ale 330ml

Christian Marco Esguerra

Engkanto Pale Ale 330ml

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