Baron Otard Cognac VSOP 700ml

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This is the VSOP Cognac from the Baron Otard House of Cognac, established by Baron Jean-Baptiste Otard in 1795. Matured in a cellars located in the lowers vault of their Château of Cognac, the VSOP takes on an elegant, full-bodied character (much like the handsome decanter it's presented in), with notes of vanilla, tobacco and subtle oak.

ABV: 40%


COLOR: Deep gold with hints of red copper.

NOSE: A strong Nose floral aromas, green fruit (pear), linden trees, oak, tobacco and a hint of vanilla.

TASTE: Round, with vanilla and earthy tobacco note, tannins from oak and apricots. Finish A good length for a VSOP.

FINISH: A nice length for a VSOP.

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