3 Lindemans Apple + FREE 3 Lindemans Faro

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3 Lindemans Apple + FREE 3 Lindemans Faro

Lindemans Apple:

The flavours of a European summer - green apples, cider notes, and a well-balanced sweet and tarty taste. Its deep citrine colour is a beautiful contrast against its full, frothy, foamy head.

Lindemans Faro: 

Enjoy a lambic brewed the 13th century way with a sweeter, fuller twist. Faro is one of the family’s most popular beers and was heavily consumed by its patrons after a day’s work in the late 1800s. With its comeback on the 1970s, Faro, with its perfectly balanced syrupy-sweet and lambic-sour taste, was reborn. It has reaped 11 global beer awards since 1994.

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