Top 10 Beers of Boozy

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Top 10 Beers of Boozy
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Beer is known to be a staple in every Filipino inuman. It’s a popular choice of drink not only in the Philippines but in every part of the world because of its versatility. Celebrating success or venting out painful heartbreaks? A get together is not complete without a good iced cold bucket of beer. Wherever you are, whether you’re soaked under the sun at the beach, chilling at your barkada’s house, or with your relatives in a family reunion, beer is the perfect drink for any occasion. It has the power to bring people closer together and it allows conversations to flow smoother. Besides the fact that it’s an inexpensive choice, it also goes well with all kinds of food. From grilled barbecues to crunchy chicharron, we all love our pulutan and iced cold beer. As we celebrate National Beer Day, check out our top 10 beer recommendations:

Our top 10 Beer Recommendations

1. Heineken 330ml 6 Pack

Heineken 330ml

Photo from @Heineken_PH

Heineken is one of the most popular beers around the world. It’s known to be the Coca-Cola or McDonald’s in the beer world. With a 5% ABV, Heineken has a crisp balanced taste, a testament to its all natural ingredients and 28 day brewing process. Whenever you say CHEERS with a Heineken, there are 25,000 people around the world doing the same! We hear that a bottle of Heineken goes well with some fried chicken. 

2. Crazy Carabao IPA 330ml Bottle 6-Pack

Crazy Carabao IPA 330ml Bottle 6-Pack

Photo from @CrazyCarabao

Best paired with big juicy steak or ribs, this golden Ale is lite, refreshing, with a bitter cleansing finish. It has light, fruity, floral tastes and aromas and it’s easy to drink and enjoy.

3. Engkanto Double IPA 330ml

Engkanto Double IPA 330ml

Photo from @EngkantoBrewery

From its mouthfeel to its exploding flavors, this craft beer is one of the most exciting and one of the best choices of Filipinos. This craft beer is over 8% ABV, the intense blend of citrus and passionfruit makes this drink addicting. Try pairing this with some sizzling sisig. Thank us later.

4. Crazy Carabao Variety Pack #1

Crazy Carabao Variety Pack #1

Photo from @CrazyCarabao

This variety pack comes with (2) Golden Ale, (2) IPA, (2) Pilsner. Perfect for an e-numan or a chill night with your family while on lockdown. The Golden ale is a light, refreshing and cleansing ale that’s brewed with a great balance of pale malt and Australian hops. With light, fruity and floral tastes and aromas, this is an easy Golden Ale to sit back with and enjoy. The IPA has tastes of intense tropical fruit notes from several North American hops and big British malts that provide sweetness up front followed by a cleansing bitter finish. It’s very aromatic from a good dose of dry hopping. While the Pilsner has lightly toasted malt flavors underscore noble hop characters bringing out floral aromatic and spicy herbal notes. Dry hopped for a touch of bergamot zest and lemongrass. This Pilsner is how beers should be made.

5. Smirnoff Mule 330ml Bucket 5+1

Smirnoff Mule 330ml Bucket 5+1

Photo from @SmirnoffMulePH

This is a combination of vodka, ginger beer, and lime mix; carbonated so you get that taste of beer or soda while drinking. It’s a ready to drink alcohol beverage inspired by Moscow Mule. It gives the perfect buzz for a chill night and a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

6. Stella Artois 330ml

Stella Artois 330ml

Photo from @StellaArtois

Stella Artois is a popular choice for pilsner drinkers.  Brewed using the finest natural ingredients, a bottle of Stella Artois provides a clear, crispy taste and fresh light malt fragrances that gives a fairly sweet herbal signature and lingering hoppy finish.  Its signature taste goes with almost everything especially pizza or chicken wings. This sophisticated beer is known to be the no. 1 Belgian beer in the world and served in 95 countries. 

7. San Miguel Pale Pilsen 330 mL Can Case of 24

San Miguel Pale Pilsen 330 mL

Photo from @SanMiguelPalePilsenPH

One of the O.G. beers in the Philippines, San Miguel Pale Pilsen is a pale, golden lager with a rich, full-bodied flavor. Smooth, full-flavored taste complements its pleasant aroma, making it a perfectly balanced beer. For over a hundred years, this bottle of beer has been greatly part of the Filipino culture. 

8. Hoegaarden White 330ml

Hoegaarden White 330ml

Photo from @Hoegaarden

Subtly flavored with Coriander and Curaçao, pouring in a swirling cloud of yeast with a pale yellow, almost putty color and strong white head, this bottle of beer is intensely aromatic, with lots of lemony fruit, spices, and hint of white chocolate. 

9. Sapporo 330ml

Sapporo 330ml

Photo from @SapporoBeerUSA

Sapporo is Japan’s oldest brand of beer. Sapporo brews premium lagers using the highest quality ingredients that provide each of its beer with a crisp, refreshing flavor, and smooth finish. It’s known to be an icon everywhere in Japan because of its signature flavor. It’s the perfect beer to pair with any meal, especially some hot ramen. 

10. Engkanto IPA 330ml

Engkanto IPA 330ml

Photo from @EngkantoBrewery

Craft beer lovers of the Philippines will surely appreciate this IPA. Inspired by the tropical Philippine weather, this craft beer is full-bodied but still light. Engkanto brewery made sure that this craft beer will be best to enjoy under the Philippine heat. Whether you’re at the beach or chilling at home, this is a great dish to pair with robustly-flavored food like grilled meat or spicy and salty dishes. 

Relive your pre-pandemic memories by grabbing some beer from us and host an e-numan night with your friends. Prepare your favorite pulutan and some iced cold beer and unwind. Times have been crazy lately that sometimes all you need to do is to grab a bottle (or a bucket) of beer from Boozy’s collection page and celebrate National Beer Day the Filipino way!