These Cocktails Are Perfect to Get Emotional With Olivia Rodrigo

Article published at: 2021년 5월 30일 Article tag: featured-posts
These Cocktails Are Perfect to Get Emotional With Olivia Rodrigo - Boozy PH
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Who else here listened to Olivia Rodrigo recently and time traveled back to the first time we encountered feelings?

Back in the days, Taylor Swift was on repeat 24/7. We memorized the lyrics to all her songs so we could pour our heart out and release all our pent-up feelings towards our last relationship or even all the way back to your first crush, first ka-M.U., or even our first boyfriend/girlfriend. It was the year 2006. We were young and we hadn't discussed much about the self-love movement nor could we make sense of how we felt towards that special someone. All we knew was Taylor Swift knew exactly how we felt and how her song moved us. 

Some of us may cringe at our past selves. Some of us may laugh and wonder why we were so emotional. Fast forward to 20 years later, we have this 18-year-old, bringing us back to our teenage years. If you have been living under a rock these past 3 weeks, we’re here to help you catch up.

High School Musical The Series Star: Olivia Rodrigo is 2021’s biggest break-out star trending worldwide and dominating world charts in a span of a few days. She owns 12 spots in Spotify's Global Record with “good 4 u” breaking the all-time weekly streaming record. Her charm and authenticity shines through her voice. 

Stream her songs on Spotify and make any of these Soju Cocktails:

1. Around the World Cocktail x good 4 u

Around the World Cocktail x good 4 u

In this song, she says good 4 u, you look happy and healthy. Then follows up with: “Not me, if you would have cared to ask.” 

Who else felt that line? This song has broken world records on Spotify with millions of streams. It really takes you deep in your emotions just like how an Around the World Cocktail would make you feel. A mix of vodka, dry vermouth, pineapple, berries, and mint are flavors that will get that confusion released out of your system. 

2. Soju Sunrise x traitor

Soju Sunrise x traitor

The first few lines that went: “I played dumb, but I always knew” is definitely something that a soju sunrise would make us feel. A delicious mix of orange juice and three shots of soju? A backstabber… or should I say, Traitor.

3. 3-step Beer Punch x brutal

3-step Beer Punch x brutal

If you’ve ever felt lost in the “real world,” her song Brutal is for you. At one point, we’ve all felt the need to escape the 9-5. This is why entrepreneurship and freelancing have been given more importance these days. The traditional grimy systems can be nauseating. As she puts it, 

“I’m so tired that I might quit my job, start a new life,

“If someone tells me one more time “Enjoy your youth,” I’m gonna cry”

Cheers to that, Olivia! Brutal is a song that would definitely taste like a 3-step Beer Punch. Pineapple juice, ginger ale, mixed with beer is our punch for the sometimes brutal world. 

4. Aperol Spritz: The Perfect Summer Drink x driver's license 

Aperol Spritz: The Perfect Summer Drink x driver's license

Olivia Rodrigo’s drivers’ license is a painful song about her getting her driver’s license and driving to her man’s house, only to figure out he’s not around and probably with his side chick. Aperol Spritz is a drink with a fine mix of Cinzano Prosecco, Aperol, Soda and Orange can help you get out of your head if ever this song triggers your past. 

5. The Classic and Seamless Espresso Martini x déjà vu

The Classic and Seamless Espresso Martini x déjà vu

The vibe of the song déjà vu is perfect for a martini cocktail. Kahlua + Vodka + Espresso with Olivia’s voice singing: “Do you call her? Almost say my name?” will get you jamming all day and night. The smoothness of a Martini down your throat and Olivia’s soulful voice just blends so well like a carefully crafted cocktail.


These cocktails paired with Olivia’s music can make us feel all kinds of different things, one can give us access to memories from even the past. Props to this star for making us feel again. Cheers to mixed drinks and mixed feelings!