The Quintessential Tequila Guide

Article published at: 2023년 5월 31일
The Quintessential Tequila Guide
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Do you appreciate the vibrant, deep, and invigorating flavors of tequila? Let's Immerse ourselves in the authentic world of tequila and explore some of the best tequila brands at varying price points.

The Roots of Tequila

Our story begins in the heart of Mexico, in the rich soil of the Jalisco state where the blue agave plant grows abundantly. It is from these plants that tequila - the national pride of Mexico - is born. The history of tequila dates back to the time of the Aztecs, when they first started fermenting agave around 1000 B.C. Now, centuries later, we bring you the finest tequilas, right to your doorstep in the Philippines.

Types of Tequila

Like other spirits, Tequila's flavor and type depend on the aging time in a cask. The kinds of Tequila refer to how long the spirit is aged:

Blanco or Plato is a tequila that isn't matured and is bottled shortly after distillation. Plato means silver, and Blanco means white in Spanish, so this type is also referred to as silver or white Tequila.
Reposado, meaning 'rested or restful' in Spanish, refers to Tequila aged in wood casks/barrels for up to one year. It's also one of the most popular types of Tequila.
Añejo, meaning "old," refers to Tequila aged in wood barrels for anywhere between one to three years, and Extra Añejo tequilas are aged for a minimum of three years. Depending on the distillery, caramel may be added to enhance the flavor.

Types of Tequila and Their Pairings with Filipino Cuisine

Understanding the types of tequila is your passport to exploring and appreciating this versatile spirit. And what better way to enjoy tequila than by pairing it with your favorite Filipino dishes?

Blanco Tequila: Unaged and bottled immediately after distillation, Blanco tequilas like the Patrón Silver available on at ₱2,949, have a strong, robust agave flavor. This type of tequila is perfect with grilled foods, making it an excellent match for Filipino BBQ.

Reposado Tequila: 'Reposado' means 'rested' in Spanish, and these tequilas rest in oak barrels for anywhere between two months and a year. They have a smoother, more subtle flavor than Blanco tequilas, and pair well with heavier, spicier dishes. Try the Casa Noble Reposado available for ₱3,799 with Adobo, the Philippines' national dish.

Añejo Tequila: Añejo tequilas are 'aged', spending one to three years in small oak barrels. The result is a tequila that's smooth, rich, and complex. Añejo tequila, such as the Don Julio Añejo offered on for ₱4,899, pairs beautifully with Lechon, the spit-roasted pig, and a Filipino party staple.

Extra Añejo Tequila: Extra Añejo, or 'extra aged', has been aged for a minimum of three years. This tequila, like the Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo from José Cuervo available for ₱9,299, pairs exceptionally well with rich desserts like Leche Flan or Bibingka.

Tequila is more than just a beverage; it's an experience, a journey that takes you through a rich history and diverse flavors. Whether you're looking for Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, or Extra Añejo tequila, is your trusted companion for tequila delivery in the Philippines. With a range of tequila brands and prices, we're sure to meet all your needs.