TGIF with Boozy: Game Night Cocktails

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TGIF with Boozy: Game Night Cocktails
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Fridays usually mean the end of another tiring work week and a time for celebration. One way to relax and unwind after a week of work is to have a game night with friends or relatives from the comforts of your home. There are many classic and modern games that can be played among friends or relatives, with some making use of cards, boards, or wheels, while others simply test their knowledge about different subjects through trivia questions. 

One surefire way to make these game nights more enjoyable is to serve cocktails that go well with each game. There are plenty of cocktails to choose from for your next game night, and most of them are easy to prepare with the help of the large selection of drinks from the Boozy website. Here are some easy to make cocktails that you can prepare for your next game night and some classic and modern games that you can play while enjoying these drinks: 

1. Around the World - The Game of Life

Around the World Cocktail

One drink that you can easily prepare for your next game night is the Around the World Cocktail. This popular cocktail is made from a mix of Absolut Vodka, Crème De Menthe, Dry Vermouth, maraschino berry, and pineapple juice and is served with ice cubes and garnished with maraschino berry and pineapple. These ingredients give the Around The World a refreshing yellow color and a citrus taste that stems from the pineapple but meshes well with the Maraschino Berry. 

While enjoying this cocktail, you and your friends or relatives can play The Game of Life, a classic game that was also considered as America’s first parlor game. As its name suggests, this board game simulates a person’s travels through life from studying in college, getting jobs, marrying, having children, to retirement. At least two players are required to play the game, with up to ten players allowed in some of its variants over the years. Having more players, however, always makes a game more exciting, especially when having glasses of the Around The World Cocktail in hand. 

2. Long Island Iced Tea - Quiz Night

 Long Island Iced Tea

Another popular cocktail to consider for your next Friday game night is the Long Island Iced Tea, which retains the same amber color as a typical iced tea, but is so much more. The Long Island Iced Tea is usually made from a mix of vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola. This cocktail includes spirits that can be easily ordered on Boozy’s selection of drinks, such as the Tanqueray Gin, Absolut Vodka, and the Jose Cuervo Tequila, which is guaranteed to give this cocktail a sweet and sour punch that drinkers will appreciate. 

If the Long Island Iced Tea combines different spirits to create a cocktail, a game of Quiz Night is similar in that it can combine questions from different topics to make game nights more enjoyable. Though Quiz Nights are usually played in pubs and bars, it can also be played at home among friends or relatives. The questions can range from different topics, such as general knowledge, sports, entertainment, music, or even puzzles, and having a drink like the Long Island Tea is sure to make Quiz Night even more enjoyable. 

3. Negroni - Scrabble


With a refreshing and bittersweet taste, the Negroni is a popular and classic Italian cocktail that can be served as an aperitif or can even be a part of your next Friday game night. It is made up of Campari, Bulldog Gin, and Vermouth Gin, and is traditionally stirred, not shaken, and strained in a cocktail glass with ice, and garnished with an orange slice to give the cocktail an extra flavor. 

A classic drink like the Negroni is best accompanied by a classic game in Scrabble. This word game typically requires two to four players and will test each participant’s vocabulary. Players will score points by placing tiles that contain letters and should form words onto a board game similar to a crossword. Playing a classic game like Scrabble on your next game night will be made more fun with a classic cocktail in hand like the Negroni. 

4. Espresso Martini - Cards Against Humanity

Espresso Martini

Mixing coffee and liquor may not be ideal for some, but for most experienced drinkers, this also creates a popular and beloved coffee-flavored cocktail in the Espresso Martini. This cocktail is usually made from a combination of vodka, espresso coffee, and coffee liqueur. Ingredients such as Kahlua, Absolut Vodka, and even espresso coffee are readily available on the Boozy website, making this an easy cocktail to acquire. Once you mix these ingredients in a wine glass and garnish it with coffee grinds, you have your Espresso Martini for your next game night. 

Similar to the Espresso Martini, Cards Against Humanity combines words and phrases that people don’t usually use, creating a game that is exciting and sure to get laughs from its players. Cards Against Humanity is an adult party game that requires at least three players to complete fill-in-the-blank statements in the cards with words or phrases that are usually considered offensive, inappropriate, or politically incorrect. Playing this on your next game night with a drink like the Espresso Martini will only enhance and make it more memorable. 

5. Soju Sunrise - UNO

Soju Sunrise

Summer may officially be over, but you can still give friends and relatives a taste of it when you serve Soju Sunrise on your next game night. Soju has become a popular drink in the country, and this clear and colorless beverage can also be used to create refreshing cocktails. Aside from a few shots of the South Korean drink, the Soju Sunrise also uses orange juice, ice cubes, and slices of orange and lime. Mixing these ingredients and adding the orange and lime slices for garnish will create the Soju Sunrise and bring back a taste of summer. 

An exciting game that can be played while enjoying this refreshing drink is UNO, a shedding-type card game that is played with a special deck. The game requires two to 10 players, and the deck is composed of 108 cards, including 25 each of red, green, yellow, and blue numbered cards and four of “Wild” and “Wild Draw Four.” Each player’s ability to manage their hand will be tested, and one way to make this game even more exciting is a serving of the Soju Sunrise cocktail. 

6. Mimosa Margarita - Jenga

Mimosa Margarita

While many cocktails are a combination of different alcoholic drinks and other beverages, the mimosa margarita is different as it mixes two cocktails to create a new one. The mimosa margarita typically combines orange juice, champagne, tequila, and some more juice for extra zest. And when looking for its key ingredients, Boozy has all your favorite champagnes, proseccos, and tequilas to help you serve this cocktail.

An exciting game to play while enjoying this refreshing cocktail is Jenga, which requires two or more players and primarily tests their physical skills. Jenga requires players to remove blocks one at a time from a tower made up of 54 blocks, with the tower becoming increasingly unstable as more blocks are removed. Having a cocktail like a mimosa margarita while playing this exciting game will make your next Friday game night one you won’t soon forget.

Whether it’s a traditional game like Scrabble or a modern game like Cards Against Humanity, there are many games that you can choose from to play with your friends or family to celebrate the end of a workweek on Friday nights. And one way to spice up these game nights is by serving cocktails, which are easy to make and prepare with the help of the vast selection of drinks from Boozy’s collection.