Raise your glass: 5 Best Wines to Indulge in this International Women’s Day

Article published at: 2023년 3월 8일
5 Best Wines to Indulge in this International Women’s Day
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Give a toast this International Women’s Day with these fine and velvety wines to satiate your grape and buzz cravings! 

Truly a titular drink, you cannot go wrong with choosing the humble wine as the main beverage for any celebratory event. Especially when said event is all about saluting all the strong women in our lives who consistently brave this ‘man-made’ world to attain inclusivity and fairness. She may be your mother, grandmother, sister, or maybe, even you!  

It’s a tiring battle. We at Boozy acknowledge their hardships, so why not let them have a breather and treat them with these freshly-picked vino varieties straight from our cupboard?


Red Lolea Sangria Frizzante N.V. - ₱849.00 

Red Lolea Sangria Frizzante N.V.

Starting off with a whopping 4.1 stars on the Vivino app is the N.V. Lolea No.1 Red Sangria. A sparkling wine that doesn’t berate the tastebuds, this crimson delight is a flavor bomb of red fruit tones such as peaches and strawberries with a slight blast of orange. This lovely mix of textures comes in a distinct bottle with printed big polka dots to set itself from the rest.

Woodstock Shiraz 750ml - ₱1,199.00 

Woodstock Shiraz

For the women who enjoy chowing down their favorite meats on the daily, or those who just want to pair their protein with the perfect wine, go no further than the robust flavor of Woodstock Wine Estate Shiraz. This Aussie drink carries notes of chocolate, with slight undertones of blueberries and blackcurrant for that tart and sweet kick. It also has a wafting scent of smokey oak wood and vanilla that will surely go great with your chosen carnivore meal.


Minuty M 750ml - ₱1,019.00 was ₱1,199.00

Minuty M

Gorgeously long and light, this peach-hued bottle of rosé is truly a testament to its lavender-rich home in Provence, France. Both a beauty to the sight and tastebuds, this full-bodied Grenache-flavored wine contains a strong strawberry element and a creamy aftertaste that flows clean and fresh as you consume it. The Vivino app recommends partnering this dish with seafood, poultry, and vegetables. This is, without a doubt, a wine every woman can enjoy.

Château d'Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé 750ml - ₱1,549.00

Château d'Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé

Although it is named Whispering Angel, you cannot deny that just from the bottle alone, this Château d'Esclans creation screams softness
. A true delicate delight, this drink oozes with the saccharine taste of strawberries with a tropical graze of peach and grapefruit. A light drink—soothing to taste, even—this 4.1-rated liquid cherub is a full-toned refresher.

Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose - ₱4,899.00 

Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose

Champagne Impérial Rosé Brut N.V. is a sensuous and enchanting bubbly wine with a lovely pink tint and sparkling fizz to further excite the palate. This French drink boasts an aroma of homegrown berries blended together to create a symphony for the mouth and nose. This massive sensation to many oenophiles in the world will leave you wanting to have more after you taste its gentle mix of tang, sweetness, and spices. Indeed, an unforgettable drink.