Philippines' Love Affair with Tequila: Brands to Try Now

Article published at: 2023년 10월 25일 Article tag: Casamigos Anejo
Philippines' Love Affair with Tequila: Brands to Try Now
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The Philippines has a rich history of embracing diverse cultures and their offerings, and when it comes to spirits, tequila is no exception. This Mexican gem has found its way into the hearts (and glasses) of many Filipinos. Let's dive into the Philippines' love affair with tequila and explore some must-try brands available on

A Brief History of Tequila in the Philippines

Tequila, distilled from the blue agave plant primarily around the city of Tequila in Mexico, has been a favorite choice for many Filipinos looking for a unique spirit to elevate their celebrations. Its versatility in cocktails and the distinct taste make it a popular choice for festive occasions and quiet evenings alike.

Tequila's journey in the Philippines is as vibrant as the spirit itself. While the Philippines has its own rich history of distilling spirits, particularly rum, tequila found its way into the hearts of Filipinos due to several factors:

1. Cultural Exchange

  • The Philippines and Mexico, both former Spanish colonies, have shared cultural and trade exchanges for centuries through the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade. This historical connection paved the way for the introduction of various goods, including tequila.

Similarities Between the Philippines and Mexico | La Jornada Filipina  Magazine

2. The Margarita Craze

  • In the late 20th century, as globalization took hold, international food and drink trends began to influence the Philippines. The popularity of the margarita cocktail in the West eventually reached the country, leading to an increased interest in tequila.

3. Celebrity Influence

  • Over the years, many international celebrities have endorsed tequila brands or even launched their own. This trend hasn't gone unnoticed in the Philippines, where celebrity culture is influential. The endorsements have further boosted tequila's profile among Filipinos.

4. Versatility in Cocktails

  • Filipino bartenders and mixologists have embraced tequila for its versatility. From classic cocktails to innovative creations that incorporate local ingredients, tequila has become a staple in many bars across the country.

5. A Growing Appreciation for Premium Spirits

  • As the Philippine economy has grown, so has the middle class's purchasing power. This economic shift has led to a greater appreciation for premium and authentic products, including high-quality tequilas.

Tequila Brands to Savor

Jose Cuervo

Especial Price at ₱1,179.00

A name synonymous with tequila, Jose Cuervo offers a smooth experience with a subtle hint of agave. Perfect for margaritas or enjoyed neat.

Casamigos Añejo

Premium Price at ₱3,999.00

Co-founded by George Clooney, Casamigos Añejo is aged for 14 months, resulting in a tequila with a pure, refined taste. Notes of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of oak make it a delightful sipper.

Cazadores Reposado

Priced nicely at ₱1,699.00

Aged in new American oak barrels, Cazadores Reposado offers a rich, smooth finish with notes of oak, vanilla, and caramel. Perfect for those who appreciate a tequila with depth.

Tequila and the Filipino Palate

The Filipino palate, known for appreciating a range of flavors, from the sweet and savory to the spicy, finds a friend in tequila. Whether it's in a classic tequila sunrise cocktail or a shot with a slice of lime, the distinct taste of tequila complements the Filipino love for celebrations and good times.

The Philippines' love affair with tequila is evident in the rising popularity of various brands and the innovative ways Filipinos incorporate this spirit into their celebrations. With a range of top-notch tequilas available on, there's no better time to explore and find your perfect tequila match.