Pairing Your Fave Emma Stone Films & Shows with Boozy Deals

Article published at: 2021년 11월 6일 Article tag: featured-posts
Pairing Your Fave Emma Stone Films & Shows with Boozy Deals
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Our favorite redhead actress, Emma Stone, turns 32 today! From a newbie in Tinseltown to an Academy Award and Oscar winner, Emma has accomplished many great feats only a few have accomplished at her age. And it’s a special year for her as she welcomed into the world her baby daughter with her husband. To celebrate her birthday in style, let us revisit some of her known and surprising on-screen appearances accompanied by these lady-approved drinks through these Boozy deals. 

  1. La La Land x Tequila Rose 750ml
La La Land

In this 2016 original musical, La La Land captures how two dreamers meet, quarrel, and compromise in their quest to make it big in Hollywood. Stone plays Mia, the hopeful actress, who keeps running into struggling jazz pianist, Sebastian Wilder (Ryan Gosling). Together, they go through ups and downs in pursuit of their dream. If you’re in the mood for a rom-com, a diverse original soundtrack, and fantastic cast chemistry, La La Land should be your numero uno

If you’re all too kilig about the love story of Mia and Sebastian, it is time to call your girlfriends in, do a movie postmortem, and pour everyone a Tequila Rose. Dubbed as the original strawberry cream liqueur, this game-changing alcohol is the first of its kind to mix cream and tequila. The pairing of decadent strawberry cream and the tequila spike is what makes it the official drink of any Girls’ Night all over the world. 

  1. Easy A x Amarula Vanilla Spice 750ml
Easy A

Image from IMDb

For 2010 Halloween, did you or your friends dress up in a black bodice with an “A” embroidered across your chest? If yes, you must have dressed up as Olive Penderghast in Easy A. In this movie, Stone stars in her first lead role as Olive, an average high school student who instantly becomes the most wanted dirty skank in her class after a pseudo sex. But her notoriety quickly turns for the worst and is not exactly a Pocketful of Sunshine now. 

What does have a good reputation is Amarula. Known as the Spirit of Africa, the legendary brand released its first flavored cream liqueur called Vanilla Spice in 2018. The infusion of Madagascan vanilla extract, Nigerian ginger, distilled Marula spirit, and the highest quality cream allowed Amarula to claim the title of World’s Best Cream at the World Liqueur Awards. 

  1. Crazy, Stupid, Love x Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rosé 750ml
Crazy, Stupid, Love

Image from IMDb

Can’t get enough of the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling tandem? Neither can we! In their first flick together, Jacob Palmer is a successful womanizer except when it comes to law school graduate Hannah Weaver. Upon meeting at a bar, Hannah dismisses Jacob off-the-bat as she finds him unattractive and disgusted by his use of cheesy pick-up lines. Things turned real hot after Hannah had a rough night with her boyfriend. She rushes back to the same bar to go bang things up with Jacob but before that they recreated the Dirty Dancing’s lift scene to kick things off. 

Perhaps Hannah would have found Jacob attractive had he offered her a glass of Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rosé. This contemporary rosy wine offers its signature characteristics of Shiraz grape flavors together with aromatic hints of raspberry and strawberry. A sip of this fresh pink bubbly would’ve made Hannah stay in her seat a bit longer than expected. 

  1. The Mind, Explained x Jameson Black Barrel 700ml + FREE 2 Jameson Rock Glasses
The Mind, Explained

Image from IMDb

In the long-running series produced by Vox, The Mind, Explained looks at how the human brain works. With Stone as the narrator, the show tackles the science and the latest research behind the most complex human organ in a more palatable manner for the general audience. Each episode highlights a topical subject in the following order: memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness, and psychedelics. 

Feeling smarter? If yes, you deserve a round of Jameson Black Barrel. Expect a smooth taste from its triple distillery process and a rich intense toasted wood finish as a result of its traditional double charring method. With the extra brain power, try your hand at making Whiskey Sour, the Black Apple, or Pop Goes the Cherry with this Jameson classic. 

  1. Maniac x Estrella Damm Bottle 330ml


Image from IMDb

A far cry from their Superbad days, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone work together in this Netflix psychological drama miniseries. Set in retro-futuristic New York City, schizophrenic Owen Milgram meets Annie Landsberg, a woman suffering from a personality disorder, at a Japanese-backed pharmaceutical trial. They both subject themselves into the experiment which was said to cure all ailments. 

If that was too dark for you, lighten up with the all natural Estrella Damm beer. This proudly Mediterranean beverage has been around over 140 years ago and is still being produced based on the original recipe. Using barley malt, rice and hops and no additives or preservatives, the beloved Barcelona lager will be a great addition to your curated bar cart at home. 

  1. Friends with Benefits x Jinro Green Grape Soju 360ml Bundle of 4
Friends with Benefits


Image from IMDb

In this film, Emma Stone makes a cameo appearance as Kayla. She’s the manic ex-girlfriend of protagonist, Dylan Harper, played by none other than Justin Timberlake. The John Mayer fan dumped Dylan for being late which caused her to miss Mayer singing “Your Body is a Wonderland.” It was not a petty reason for her as she reasoned out that it was equivalent to “shitting on her face.” Talk about a die hard fan. 

After that bad breakup, we can imagine how Kayla would swoon all over at the John Mayer concert and pair that with a Jinro soju. No longer limited within Korea, Jinro’s Green Grape variant has taken the world by storm and can refresh anyone’s taste buds with its sweet and light flavor. Who needs Dylan when you’ve got Jinro. 

With juggernaut films and an array of acting awards in her arsenal, Emma Stone has catapulted herself into a Hollywood legend. She’s now as busy as ever as she is working on her new production company, reprising her role as Cruella in the film sequel, and being a hands-on mama. Let’s toast to Emma Stone for all of her professional and personal achievements with your favorite drinks available at