Pairing the Red Sox, Astros, Yankees, and other teams to Boozy's October Deals

Article published at: 2021년 10월 18일 Article tag: featured-posts
Pairing the Red Sox, Astros, Yankees, and other teams to Boozy's October Deals
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October is a good month as any to be a sports fan, with major professional leagues either in the middle of their season, such as the NFL, or about to start a new one, like the NBA. But for baseball fans, October is synonymous with the MLB playoffs, when the best teams battle it out for the right to compete and win in the World Series and hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy. 

Whether they are watching these playoff series on their own or with their friends, one way for sports fans to watch the best MLB teams compete is to have their favorite alcoholic drinks. Fortunately, Boozy offers several friendly deals on its website for customers to avail for themselves during the month of October. Here are some of the best deals on Boozy paired with some of the best and most iconic MLB teams: 

1. Boston Red Sox - Bombay Bramble Gin 43% 1L

Bombay Bramble Gin 43% 1L

The Bombay Bramble Gin comes from the Bombay Sapphire and has colors and flavors coming from natural fruit infusion with no added sugar, making it perfect for cocktail creativity. This vibrant new gin is bursting with natural flavor and has a versatility that is perfect for experimentation. With a rich, bold, and berried flavor, the Bombay Bramble Gin is a sophisticated drink that is full of surprises. 

After missing the playoffs for the last two seasons, the Boston Red Sox entered the 2021 season with redemption on their minds. But even after a regular season that saw them finish with a 92-70 record, expectations weren’t high for the 2018 World Series champions. But the Red Sox defied the odds and beat rival New York Yankees in the AL Wild Card Game. Then, they showed resilience in taking down the top-seeded Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS to face the Houston Astros in the ALCS and move closer to reaching the World Series again. If there’s one thing the Red Sox has proven this season, they are capable of pulling off surprises, just like the experience of making cocktails with the Bombay Bramble Gin.  

2. New York Yankees - Jack Cola 330ml 4-Pack

Jack Cola 330ml 4-Pack

For a lot of drinkers, the Jack Daniel’s is classic and a must-have for almost any occasion, but this drink offers a new twist to this signature drink. The Jack Cola is a pre-mix that combines the classic Old No. 7 with cola to give drinkers the unmistakable taste of Tennessee and produce a classically smooth blend. Making this drink even more appealing is that it is sold in ready-to-drink bottles and can be bought in packs of four and at friendly prices on the Boozy website.

The New York Yankees could also be said to be one of the MLB’s classic teams because of the team’s enduring popularity and continued success. But even though the Yankees have had a string of playoff appearances in the last few years, they have yet to follow up their last World Series victory back in 2009. But with players like Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and Gerrit Cole, the Yankees will continue to remain in contention and one of the MLB’s teams to watch.

3. Houston Astros - Tanqueray Sevilla 1L (Buy 1, Take 1)

Tanqueray Sevilla 1L (Buy 1, Take 1)

Inspired by Charles Tanqueray’s original recipes and the ripening oranges that grow on trees in Seville, the Tanqueray Sevilla is a unique distilled gin made with orange essences and other fine botanicals. It has the perfect balance of the uniquely bittersweet taste of Sevilla oranges and the complexity of Tanqueray London Dry Gin, making it a perfect blend and a quality drink. And when purchased on the Boozy website, customers can avail of the Tanqueray Sevilla in bundles of two at a friendlier price. 

In the MLB, the Houston Astros are a team that seems to always have the perfect blend of players for a championship. The Astros are right back in the playoffs after a season that saw them win 95 games and finish first in the AL West Division. With players like Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, and Yuli Gurriel, Houston looks primed for another deep playoff run and is just one round away from another World Series appearance after an impressive showing in the ALDS against the Chicago White Sox. With the right blend of talent, skill, and playoff experience, the Astros are always seemingly in the conversation for title contenders in baseball. 

4. Atlanta Braves - Barokes Wine in a Can Bundle of 4

Barokes Wine in a Can Bundle of 4

Barokes presents drinkers with a different way to consume their wine by having them in cans. This makes it easier for them to bring their wine when they go outdoors and pair it with any outdoor activities, whether it’s going on picnics, camping, or attending festivals. The Barokes also comes in bundles of four on the Boozy website, allowing drinkers to enjoy different flavors in Moscato, cabernet shiraz, chardonnay Semillon (bubbly wine), and chardonnay Semillon (wine).

With a lineup that includes last year’s NL MVP Freddie Freeman and former Rookie of the Year Ronald Acuna Jr., the Atlanta Braves also offer an exciting brand of baseball that appeals to a lot of fans. After reaching the NLCS last season and losing to the LA Dodgers in seven games, the Braves are back in the playoffs after topping the NL East with an 88-73 record. They beat the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLDS to set up a rematch with the Dodgers in the NLCS, where they hope to write a different ending. 

5. Tampa Bay Rays - 2 San Miguel Flavored Beer Lychee 330mL Can 6 Pack + Free San Miguel Belt Bag

2 San Miguel Flavored Beer Lychee 330mL Can 6 Pack + Free San Miguel Belt Bag

The San Miguel Pale Pilsen is a classic drink and a fixture in almost every Filipino occasion. But San Miguel has continued brewing and perfecting different types of drinks, with the San Miguel Flavored Beer Lychee being among them. It is one of their best offerings when it comes to fruit-flavored beers, having a refreshing, fruity taste that is quirky and imaginatively unique. And when purchasing the San Miguel Flavored Lychee Beer on the Boozy website, customers can purchase it in a six-pack, which also comes with a free beta bag. 

Similar to this drink, the Tampa Bay Rays also had something good and somehow made it better. After finishing on top of the AL East and reaching the World Series only to lose to the LA Dodgers last season, the Rays were better this season, finishing first in their division with an impressive 100-62 record. However, their season ended abruptly with a loss to the underdog Red Sox in the ALDS. Nevertheless, with an intact core that has the likes of Randy Arozarena, Austin Meadows, and Brandon Lower, the Rays will be back for redemption and will look to improve from last year’s finish. 

6. Los Angeles Angels - Strong Zero Double Orange 350ml Case of 24

Strong Zero Double Orange 350ml Case of 24

Another refreshing drink that comes in cans is the Strong Zero Double Orange, which promises to have the freshness of fruits without the sugar. The Strong Zero is able to preserve the flavor of its fruits thanks to a production process that includes freezing the fruits in liquid nitrogen, which locks the flavor of the fruit, before being pulverized and soaked in alcohol, The result is a refreshing carbonated drink that packs a punch of both alcohol and the fruity flavors. Additionally, once purchased on the Boozy website, customers can purchase it in a case of 24 cans, allowing them to enjoy this fruity drink even more. 

If there’s a team that is sure to pack a punch in terms of excitement in the MLB, look no further than the Los Angeles Angels. Even though the Angels finished with a 77-85 record and just the fourth place in the AL West Division, they were must-see viewing in every game because of the sheer talent on their roster. A lot of it is because of Shohei Ohtani, who showed dominance on both the mound and the pitch that hasn’t been seen in a long time and drew comparisons to legendary player Babe Ruth. Aside from Ohtani, the Angels also boast of having nine-time All-Star and three-time AL MVP Mike Trout, making them an exciting team to watch for years to come. 

7. San Diego Padres - Aperol 700ml + Cinzano Prosecco 750ml

Aperol 700ml + Cinzano Prosecco 750ml

With a bright orange color, a unique bittersweet taste, and an infusion of primary components including many herbs and roots, Aperol serves as the perfect aperitif. This infusion of different components makes it a perfect balance just like the Cinzano Prosecco which has fresh, fizzy, and fruity flavors reminiscent of apple and pear. Just like the Aperol, the Cinzano Prosecco is also an ideal aperitivo, with a sweet scent and a soft touch in the mouth that is perfect for blending in cocktails like the Aperol Spritz. 

After finishing second in the NL West and losing to the LA Dodgers in the NLDS last season, the San Diego Padres were looking for the right balance of players to help them bounce back. They were expected to contend for a title and had a strong start, and even held a spot in the Wild Card standings for most of the season. But after some struggles down the stretch, the team missed the playoffs and finished with a 79-83 record. But even in defeat, their season had some highs and showed promise, and they should be right back in playoff contention next season.  

From iconic franchises like the Yankees or Red Sox or contenders like the Rays and Astros, the MLB has several teams that have competed or are still competing in the playoffs and have had their moments of brilliance. And with the postseason still in full swing this month, there’s no better way to watch thrilling baseball action than with your favorite drinks, a lot of which can be purchased on the Boozy website at customer-friendly prices.