Pairing Midnight Mass, IT Chapter 2, House of Secrets and other Halloween Treats with Boozy Deals!

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Halloween Treats with Boozy Deals
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The last weekend of October commonly signals the beginning of the festive Halloween parties. Folks getting into their favorite grim costumes, hopping from one bar to the other, and, of course, drinking the night away. We can cross the second one out for obvious reasons, cozy up at home and enjoy the fun still. If you’re not up for any rewatches of the Quiet Place or the Ring, or want to challenge yourself to not jump at any of the scary scenes, we’ve created a suspense-filled watchlist and special Boozy beverages you may equally binge on this long weekend. 

1. Midnight Mass - Dewar’s 8yo llegal Smooth 750ml 

Midnight Mass

What you may have initially thought of as a not-so-scary mini-series, Midnight Mass will actually make you plead for forgiveness from creator and director Mike Flanagan. Coming from his streak of successful projects such as the
Haunting Hill House, Doctor Sleep, and Haunting of Bly Manor, his new Netflix show starts out with Riley Flinn returning to his small hometown of Crockett Island after being released from his incarceration for killing a young woman. But Riley isn’t the only new arrival in town. A young and energetic priest, Father Paul Hill, takes over the ailing Monsignor at St. Patrick’s Church. Since then, a series of strange, supernatural, and miraculous events haunt and awes the small community. 

Calm down your nerves with Dewar’s 8-year-old Ilegal Smooth blended whiskey. The Scotch brand released its classic blend of honey and fruity notes with a mezcal cask finish. The harmonious combination of the two cultures resulted in an added layer of sliced green pepper and a wisp of smoke. You’ll be relaxed and ready for another episode after sipping on this smooth concoction. 

2. House of Secrets - Bacardi Gold 750ml Halloween Edition

House of Secrets

Finding 11 members of the same family dead and 10 of them hanged to death would definitely capture any country’s headlines. And that happened in Burari in New Delhi, India back in 2018. On one summer morning, three generations of the Chundawat family were discovered deceased by neighbors after noticing a gap in their daily activities. Directed by Leena Yadav and Anubhav Chopra, the three-part docu-series called
House of Secrets focuses on the different hypotheses that may have influenced and resulted in the shocking and unfortunate demise. 

Need to recover from that real-life horror story? Treat yourself to Bacardi Gold Halloween Edition. Packaged in a Philippine-exclusive bottle, the limited edition Scaries series gives a richer and more flavorful to your favorite golden rum. Enjoy it straight or create your own Cuba Libre by mixing it with cola and ice with a lemon wedge as your garnish. 

3. No One Gets Out Alive - Rio Strong Bundle of 12 

No One Gets Out Alive

Been in an escape room game before? Now, insert the eerie screams, ghostly apparitions, and the possibility of dying within the four walls. That was the case for Ambar, the protagonist in the British horror film, No One Gets Out Alive. Played by rising star Cristina Rodlo, Ambar is a young undocumented immigrant and takes a chance to achieve her American dream but was forced and trapped in a room in a rundown Cleveland boardinghouse. 

If you’re hearing voices in your empty condo and want to dash out, grab a Rio Strong drink. This new vodka-based cocktail comes in fruity and zesty variants such as lemon and Filipino-favorite calamansi. It guarantees a kick and a strong buzz to make sure you have your fight mode on if you do have to knock someone or some out-of-this-world being out. With a bundle of 12 Rio Strong, you’ll surely make it out alive.

4. House of Wax - Tanqueray Gin 750ml + Tanqueray Malacca 1L

Let’s throw it back with a film in the early 2000s. A loose remake of the 1933 "Mystery of the Wax Museum.", House of Wax looks into siblings Carly and Nick Jones and their group of teenage friends go on a roadtrip that takes a deadly turn. While their main destination was a college football game, the gang detoured to a nearby ghost town, called Ambrose, after experiencing an automotive problem. The town’s unusual wax museum became the venue of a bloody, deadly, and messy battle for survival after the young travellers turned into victims of a frightening duo. 

If Carly and Nick needed a recovery drink from that horrific night, they’ll likely get a Tanqueray. Defining gin of the highest quality since 1830, Tanqueray offers its bartender-favorite London Dry Gin, a perfect marriage of four botanicals, juniper, coriander, angelica, and liquorice, and a limited-edition Malacca, a complex but balanced blend of exotic botanicals, peppercorn, rose and clove. Together with tonic water, their G&T will definitely ease anyone’s mind. 

5. IT Chapter Two -
Jinro Green Grape Soju 360ml Bundle of 4 + (1) FREE Jinro IU Shot Glass

Make sure you don’t float too far tonight and round up your closest buddies for an e-numan when watching this hair-raising movie. After the blockbuster success of its prequel, the rated-R It Chapter Two reunites the remaining members of the Losers Club after 27 years upon news of unexplained murders in the fictional town, Derrie, Maine. The likely culprit is the cosmic shape-shifting Pennywise the Clown or It, played by Bill Skarsgård, as it wakes up from its hibernation and is ready to feast on human flesh once again. Staying true to their blood pact in their teenage years, Bill, Ben, Mike, Richie, Eddie, and Beverly are on a hunt to finish off Its centuries-long feeding frenzy and free themselves from the horrors of the past. 

Should the group be successful in their mission to get rid of It once and for all, they’ll all want to celebrate and take shots after shots of Jinro soju. Reaching worldwide status as the best-selling spirit, Korean-based Jinro is proud to offer its Green Grape version, a sweet and vibrant drink that works well on its own or accompanied by your favorite pulutan. Now that’s one celebration we can have balloons. 

6. Hypnotic -
Jim Beam Highball Home Kit

Two points for Kate Siegel in this list as she stars in another Netflix film as the horror queen of the platform. In this feature, Kate plays the role of Jenn Thompson, an unemployed software engineer struggling from a fallout with her ex-fiance. She met therapist Dr. Collin Meade at her friend’s party who just so happened to be a client of Dr. Meade as well. After realizing the professional help she desperately needs, Jenn pushed through with the hypnosis sessions under the doctor’s care. Instead of getting help, she was met with deadly consequences and shocked to discover her new doctor is up to no good. 

Had Jenn realized that it’s uncommon for therapists to be around their clients at social gatherings, maybe she wouldn’t have gone through hell and just enjoyed the great taste of a Jim Beam Highball. Established at the tail-end of the 1700s, Jim Beam has cemented its position as one of the preferred highball brands worldwide. This all-American bubbly concoction now comes with complementing soda water and a matching highball mug for a no-stress mix-and-drink kind of night. 

That wraps up the month of October with trending spooky movies and shows available at your fingertips. While you’re at it, don’t forget to add these delightful Boozy deals and bundles to your cart via the website or the mobile app. No tricks, just treats, promise.