Paint the town blue with the new Quiccs and Johnnie Walker collab

Article published at: 2023년 4월 21일
Paint the town blue with the new Quiccs and Johnnie Walker collab
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Toymaker and visual artist Quiccs Maiquez deems it a “dream come true” to finally design for Johnnie Walker, one of the top-selling Scotch whisky brands in the world.

Quiccs Maiquez

Johnnie Walker is a renowned Scotch whisky brand noted for its selection of blended whiskies. The company was founded in Scotland in 1820, and it has since grown to be one of the most recognizable and widely recognized whisky brands in the world.

Moreover, in order to integrate the brand's history of whisky expertise with the world of contemporary art, Johnnie Walker and a number of artists initially collaborated to launch the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Artist Collection in 2012.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Artist Collection in 2012

Due to the popularity of this tradition, the JW Blue Label Artist Collection continues to feature globally renowned artists to grace their bottles with their unique styles and stories. That is where this newly unveiled Quiccs x JW Blue Label came about.

Quiccs x JW Blue Label

“The Artist Series collection brings together two brands committed to pushing boundaries and advancing culture, as Quiccs elevates Filipino street art and designs locally and globally, and Johnnie Walker elevates life’s occasions with exceptional depths of flavor,” Nio Judalena of Diageo Philippines shared.

Launched on March 16 at Secret Fresh Gallery, the Quiccs x Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s Artist Series collection pays homage to the artist’s own influences growing up–hip hop, street art, and Japanese robots. Maiquez coined this style as ‘TEQ63’.

“The illustrations I designed for the Johnnie Walker Artist Series are a visual representation of how the TEQ63 character and my brand have naturally evolved and improved throughout the years,” the artist said.

Secret Fresh Gallery

Each individual bottle dawns four different artworks that showcase the artist’s sense of culture, childhood throwbacks, and the Filipino urban life; all of which are made completely with vibrant colors and in the style of Japanese robotic animation (OG Blue, Dragon, Manila Killa, and Lightning)

In line with the exquisite tradition of featuring artists around the world, the JW Blue Label is also known to be on the sophisticated side when it comes to tastes. Many whisky sommeliers describe the taste profiles of the aged malt drink as palpably smooth with its velvety texture that softly coats the mouth. Its flavor is overall richly complex which brightly features notes of caramel, toffee, and honey.

Like many of Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s Artist Series, the Quiccs x JW collaboration is available for a limited time only. Snag yourself a bottle now and relish in the uniquely-made scotch whisky and art!