Navigating Dewar's: Find The Best Choices To Suit Your Taste And Budget in The Philippines

Article published at: 2023년 7월 19일
Navigating Dewar's:  Find The Best Choices To Suit Your Taste And Budget in The Philippines
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When it comes to whisky, few brands capture the imagination like Dewars, an icon in the world of Scotch. If you're navigating the various Dewar's whisky options, this guide is your compass to find the best choices to suit your taste and budget.

Dewar's White Label

Dewar's White Label 750ml is priced at ₱899.00 at

Let's start with the quintessential Dewar's White Label. As one of the world's most awarded whiskies, the Dewar's White Label represents an excellent starting point for your Dewar's journey. Its balanced flavor profile of rich, fruity notes and subtle honey hints can satisfy both the newcomer and the seasoned whisky drinker. 

Dewar's 12

Dewar's 12yo 750ml is priced at ₱1,299.00 at

The Dewar's 12 is another crowd favorite, offering a step up in terms of complexity and richness. This 12-year-old blended whisky boasts a unique honey, fruit, and warm, spicy finish. It's a fantastic choice if you're looking for a balance of quality and affordability.

Dewars 15

Dewar's 15yo 750ml is priced at ₱1,899.00 at

The Dewar's 15, also known as "The Monarch," is an even more luxurious experience. A 15-year-old blend that delivers a smooth, robust flavor with notes of honey, toffee, and floral, it's perfect for special occasions.

Dewars 18

Dewar's 18yo 750ml is priced at ₱3,599.00 at

And then there's the Dewar's 18, a whisky that conveys sophistication with every sip. This premium blend carries flavors of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and a hint of Scotch smoke. It's a bottle truly worth savoring. 

When shopping for Dewar's, you're not just buying a bottle of whisky; you're also acquiring a piece of Scotland's proud whisky heritage. With a range of prices to suit different budgets, everyone can enjoy the legendary craftsmanship of Dewar's. Don't forget that with, you also get the convenience of on-demand delivery, right to your doorstep.

Here's to finding your perfect bottle of Dewar's. Cheers!