MUST-HAVES for Barkada Inumans

Article published at: 2022년 9월 6일 Article tag: featured-posts
MUST-HAVES for Barkada Inumans
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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or if you just want to have a good time with your friends, one of the best things to do with your barkada is to have an inuman session. There are barkadas who choose to drink in establishments like bars and clubs, while others drink with food or karaoke, which is another staple in Filipino drinking sessions.  

But if you prefer to have your inumans at a friend’s house, here are some of the drinks that you need to have on the table in a cold bucket of ice, which you can get easily through Boozy:  


Jose Cuervo Gold

1. Jose Cuervo Gold

The Jose Cuervo Gold is a golden-style Joven tequila that is made from a blend of aged or reposado and younger tequilas. With a bright medium yellow and gold color, aromas of peppercorn, spice, and orange peel, and a dry, rounded, taste with flavors of black pepper, sweet caramel, toffee, and vanilla, it is a favorite drink and should definitely be in your next inuman. The price of Jose Cuervo Gold in the Philippines is P999 (1L), making it a relatively affordable option for you and your barkada in your next drinking session!
cuervo price philippines: P999 (1L)


Johnnie Walker Blue Label

2. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

For groups of friends who want to enjoy the finest whiskies, they can choose the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, which is made from some of Scotland’s rarest whiskies and has exquisite quality, character, and flavor. With notes of hazelnuts, dark chocolate, ginger, honey, vanilla, and orange, among others, it is a drink that will make a drinking session with your barkada even more memorable. The price of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label in the Philippines is P9,499 (750ml), and ordering this drink means getting an exceptional whisky to make your next inuman a memorable one! 
blue label price philippines: P9,499 (750ml)


Bacardi 151

3. Bacardi 151

If you’re looking for a wild night of celebration and enjoyment with your barkada for your next inuman session, you might want to consider getting a bottle of the Bacardi 151 to add to your drinks list. It is a rum that is not for the faint-hearted, and it contains the craft and all the authentic credentials of a great Bacardi rum. The price of the Bacardi 151 in the Philippines is P3,749 (750ml), but for that price, you’re not only getting a quality drink, but also an assurance that your next inuman with your barkada is a night that no one will forget! 
bacardi 151 price philippines: P3,749 (750ml)


Ube Cream Liqueur

4. Ube Cream Liqueur

For barkadas who want to try something new and unconventional for their next inuman, they should consider trying the Ube Cream Liqueur, which is an innovative blend of sugar cane vodka from Negros in the Philippines. There are many ways to consume the Ube Cream Liqueur, as fans can drink it whether it’s chilled, neat, on the rocks, layered on the shooters, as we as a ube liqueur cocktail or as a boozy halo-halo, which is a beloved Filipino cold dessert. The price of the Ube Cream Liqueur is P1,199 (700ml), and for this affordable price, friends will enjoy a different take on a classic dessert on their next inuman.


San Mig Flavored Beer

5. San Mig Flavored Beer

For barkadas who are looking for an affordable yet delicious drink to enjoy on their next inuman, they can go with a classic with a twist in the San Mig flavored beer, which is the first and best fruit-flavored beer that San Miguel has brewed. It comes in three flavors - lemon, apple, and lychee, and each flavor is refreshing and easy to drink, containing the refreshing qualities of beer, but with a fruity twist. The price of the san mig flavored beer is P349 for a six-pack, which makes for an affordable addition to your next inuman!


Maker’s Mark

6. Maker’s Mark 750ml

With a distinct look and exceptional quality, the Maker’s Mark is a rising star in the premium bourbon market and a worthy addition to your next inuman session. The Maker’s Mark is sweet and strong with aromas of woody oak, caramel, and vanilla and notes of caramel, vanilla, and fruity essences on the palate. The price of the Maker’s Mark is P1,199 for a 750ml bottle, as this will be a quality addition to your barkada’s next inuman.

maker's mark 750ml price: P1,199


Arbor Mist Pink Moscato

7. Arbor Mist Pink Moscato 750ml

And finally, the Arbor Pink Moscato is a delightful and sweet addition to your next drinking session. A light-bodied drink, the arbor mist pink moscato has a juicy raspberry flavor with a smooth and delicious taste that your friends will love, and at P399, is a relatively affordable drink for your next night out with friends!

Whatever the occasion for your next inuman with your friends, there are many types of drinks that you can enjoy to make your night more memorable, which are all readily available on Boozy!