If These Soju Flavors Were K-Drama Shows…

Article published at: 2021년 5월 28일 Article tag: featured-posts
If These Soju Flavors Were K-Drama Shows
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Over the past year, more and more people hop into the K-Drama train. “Kinain na ng Sistema” (swallowed by the system) is a term that’s been so widely used these days in memes and trends associated with the Filipinos’ massive love and passion for K-Drama. Despite the hassle of reading subtitles, K-Drama continues to be the most-watched and the most loved by Filipinos. 

Filipinos are known to be emotional. We simply love drama and this is a fact. According to Gallup’s global survey in 2018, our country is the second most emotional society in the whole world. And it seems as if Korean producers have mastered the art of playing with our feelings through their shows. With an irresistible cast with poreless skin + well-written script, a variety of stories filled with romance and crazy twists, the fashion, soundtrack, and everything in between, we just want to eat it all. Perhaps, not all K-Drama shows are a crowd favorite but there’s surely something for you that will eventually get you immersed in this world.

In this article, we match WeTV’s most popular K-Drama shows and Soju flavor based on how they can make you feel: (Download the WeTV App here to win a VIP Access! Full details at the end of this article.)

Suspicious Partner

1. Suspicious Partner x So Nice Green Grape 360ml 9-Pack

Suspicious Partner is a solid drama with good-looking leads. The show is a mixture of different genres – RomCom, mystery, and thriller. It revolves around a prosecutor (Ji Chang Wook) who always follows the rules and a judicial trainee (Nam Ji Hyun) who ends up accused of murder. So Nice Green Grape with flavors of vodka and grape gummy candy is the perfect Soju flavor that embodies the chemistry of the two leads. 

Clean With a Passion for Now

2. Clean With a Passion for Now x Jinro Chamisul Fresh Soju

This show is a type of show that will make you feel light and warm. What are the odds of the CEO of a cleaning company crossing paths and falling in love with a girl who comes from a family that is not at all tidy? I guess we all break our rules for someone. In addition, Jang Seon Kyul played by Yoon Kyun-Sang was the perfect actor to portray someone with mysophobia or the fear of extreme dirt. With his slick and clean look, he perfectly embodies a Jinro Chamisul Fresh Soju. This soju is filtered with charcoal made from Korean bamboo for a fresh and clean taste. This soju flavor is the right balance of original Soju and fruit flavors.

Her Private Life

3. Her Private Life x Jinro Strawberry Soju 360ml

Her Private Life is a story following Deok-mi played by the oh-so-lovable, Park Min Young juggling her double life as the head curator of a famous art gallery and a secret life as a fangirl. This double life sounds easier than it sounds but the whole show is mayhem and mishaps! Every episode will put you in a light mood because of Park Min Young’s wit and charming antics. She reminds us of Jinroo's Strawberry Soju! It’s a delightful flavor that you just simply can’t get enough of. 

Welcome to Waikiki

4. Welcome to Waikiki x Jinro 24 Soju

Welcome to Waikiki is a sitcom that’s similar to American shows like Friends or B99! It’s a hidden gem with a great plot revolving around the lives of three men running a guest house in Waikiki, Itaewon until a single mother shows up with her baby during a time they were experiencing a financial crisis. The script, acting, and comedy of this show are golden. Whether you are happy and you want to reward yourself after a fulfilling day of work or whether you’re sad and stressed, this show is definitely a feel-good one that will surely give you good vibes like Jinro Soju! We hear it’s the perfect soju to make cocktails with or even accompany during your KBBQ nights!

Fight For My Way

5. Fight For My Way x o2 Lin Soju

Mid to early 20s, our years of hope and hustle! This relatable and feel-good show revolves around four friends as they navigate through life and love. It’s a show that will teach you persistence and the value of grit. Park Seo Joon, one of Korea’s finest, and Kim Ji Wothe n, female lead award-winning shows like The Heirs and Descendants of the Sun, play important roles in this show which is enough reason why you should definitely check this out. This show will give you the same feeling as O2 Lin Soju. It’s like classic soju that won’t give you severe hangovers (or not at all!). We matched O2 Lin with Fight For My Way because the fact that this soju flavor is made with technology to help you sober up faster shows that you can have it all figured out (alcohol + no hangovers, yes please). The friends in the stories all have their struggles but they eventually fight through grit and persistence.

Whether you agree with our matches or not, it’s never a bad idea to schedule Kdrama and Soju night. It’s also a good idea to do this weekend so you can unwind from the week that’s been. Make sure to tune in here on WeTV! Not only will you get a glimpse of these groundbreaking films and shows, but you can also redeem VIP Access to WeTV when you log in or make an account. Download the WeTV App here and hurry so you can have one too!

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If you haven’t gotten into K-Drama, here’s your sign that you should definitely give it a try to understand the meaning behind its intense popularity. Pair it with Soju to elevate your experience!