If these AOT Characters were Japanese Whiskies from Boozy….

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AOT Characters were Japanese Whiskies from Boozy….
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With a compelling story, memorable characters, and beautiful animation, Attack on Titan has established itself as one of the most popular and acclaimed anime series in recent years. Based on the bestselling manga series by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan follows the story of Eren Yaeger, who swears vengeance on the Titans after one of them brings about the destruction of his hometown and the death of his mother. 

Since Attack on Titan first aired in 2013, it has gained critical and commercial success and a massive following, with fans appreciating a story that’s full of twists and turns and endearing themselves to the show’s characters. Here are some of your favorite characters from Attack on Titan, which we paired with some of the best Japanese whiskies on Boozy which you can enjoy while waiting for the series’ final episodes: 

1. Eren Yaeger - Suntory Kakubin Japanese Whisky 700ml

Suntory Kakubin Japanese Whisky

The Suntory Kakubin is a classic blended whisky and a favorite among many Japanese drinkers, whether on nights out with their friends or on dates with their partners. With its distinct square-cut, tortoise shell bottle design and golden color, the Suntory Kakubin has served the core ingredient of many cocktails and has retained its high quality over the years. This whisky has a sweet aroma and rich flavor that includes smoky, sweet, caramel, and spicy orange and is sure to appeal to whisky drinkers of all types. 

Eren Yaeger, Attack on Titan’s main character

Image from IMDb

Eren Yaeger, Attack on Titan’s main character, can also be described as a classic like the Suntory Kakubin, as he possesses the typical qualities of a protagonist: passionate, brave, loyal, even hard headed at times. But beneath all these is a strong determination to escape the walls of their hometown and protect mankind from the Titans. 

2. Mikasa Ackerman - Tenjaku Japanese Whisky 700ml

Tenjaku Japanese Whisky

The expert blending of carefully selected unprocessed whiskies and pure, natural spring water creates the distinctive, high-quality blend that is the Tenkaju Japanese Whisky. On the nose, the Tenjaku has a faintly smoky accent with a sweet aroma, redolent of pear and dried fruit. The whisky has a slightly edgy attack on the palate but is also well-rounded and mellow with a slightly spicy and long finish. 

Mikasa Ackerman

Image from IMDb

If the Tenjaku has been branded as a whisky of high quality, then the same could be said of Mikasa Ackerman, who is one of the finest soldiers of the Survey Corps in the battle against the Titans. And just like the Tenjaku, there are different aspects to Mikasa’s personality. She may be serious and emotionally withdrawn to most people, but she is also loyal and kind, especially to the people she considers her family. 

3. Armin Arlert - Yamazaki 12yo 700ml

Yamazaki 12yo

The Yamazaki is made to give drinkers a surprising, delicate, and yet profound experience of a Japanese single malt. It has aromas of peach, pineapple, and grapefruit, among others, as well as flavors of coconut, cranberry, and butter, and a long finish with hints of sweet ginger and cinnamon. 

Armin Arlert

Image from IMDb

Unlike the other characters in the series, Armin Arlert has low self-esteem and is usually nervous when confronting the Titans. He may be delicate and profound just like the Yamazaki, but Armin also has the ability to surprise and delivers when the Survey Corps. He is a brilliant mind, an excellent tactician, curious, and is kind and loyal to his friends. 

4. Levi Ackerman - Suntory The Chita 700ml

Suntory The Chita

Image from @suntorywhisky

Suntory The Chita is the first single grain whisky from the House of Suntory Whisky. This drink has a bright gold color, has notes of crème brûlée, cardamom, and acacia honey on the nose, and is mild and smooth on the palate with a hint of mint and deep honey. But aside from those, what stands out for the Suntory The Chita is its unparalleled sophistication and clean, clear finish that makes it a premium whisky. 

Levi Ackerman

Image from IMDb

As the strongest soldier of humanity, Levi Ackerman is also a fan-favorite among Attack on Titan characters. Like the Suntory The Chita, Captain Levi is unparalleled on the field of battle, capable of going toe to toe against the most formidable Titans, and is decisive and clear as a leader. But even though he may seem unapproachable, he cares a lot for his soldiers and has a strong sense of morality and empathy. 

5. Sasha Braus - Yamazaki Single Malt 700ml

Yamazaki Single Malt

As Suntory’s flagship single malt whisky, the Yamazaki Single Malt is another favorite among Japanese drinkers for its multiple layers of fruit and Mizunara aromas. The Yamazaki Whisky is made from Japan’s first and oldest malt distillery, with its signature multi-layered taste earning praise from connoisseurs all over the world. On the nose, this whisky has notes of strawberry, cherry, and Mizunara or Japanese oak, while having the flavor of raspberry, white peach, and sweet vanilla and a clear finish with a hint of cinnamon. 

Sasha Braus

Image from IMDb

A sweet, whisky blend with multi-layered fruit aromas seems like the type of drink that Sasha Braus would enjoy. Sasha is herself a sweet, friendly, and fun-loving girl and is a favorite among fans of the show. Though she is also known for her incredible appetite and making mistakes in times of pressure, she has also shown bravery and great intuition and is an important member of the Survey Corps. 

6. Reiner Braun - Hibiki Harmony 700ml

Hibiki Harmony

Image from @suntorywhisky_hibiki

The Hibiki Harmony is created from single malts and is the result of a meticulous aging process in casks such as Mizunara or Japanese oak. This whisky has an amber color, aromas of rose, lychee, hints of rosemary, and mature woodiness, and flavors of honey-like sweetness, candied orange peel, and white chocolate with a subtle, tender, and long finish. 

Reiner Braun

Image from IMDb

If it is the maturity and aging process that makes the Hibiki Harmony stand out as a drink, the same could be said of Reiner Braun, who is seen as the big brother of the Survey Corps. He is a capable soldier with a strong sense of duty and is passionate and thinks of others before himself, although these traits hide another aspect of his personality explored in the series’ later seasons. 

7. Bertholdt Hoover  - Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt 700ml

Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt

Soft, fruity, and yet distinctive and strong is how the Nikka Miyagikyo has been described, as it is made from using less peaty malt and being distilled in a pot while heated by indirect steam at a low temperature. This process creates a whisky blend that has an elegant fruitiness and a distinctive aroma as well as a strong Sherry cask influence. 

Bertholdt Hoover

Image from IMDb

Similarly, Bertholdt Hoover has been described as soft and weak-willed compared to other characters on the series and usually defers to his stronger and more assertive partner Reiner Braun. But even though he may be withdrawn, he is still a capable soldier and a valuable member of the Survey Corps, and the series revealed that there was much more to Bertolt than his reserved personality. 

8. Zeke Yaeger - Mars Shinsu Iwai Tradition Whisky 750ml

Mars Shinsu Iwai Tradition Whisky

The Mars Shinshu Iwai Tradition Whisky is a blended whisky that comes from both malt and grain and is distilled at the Mars Shins Distillery, Japan’s highest distillery. While it is made through a long process and imbued with tradition, this whisky has a myriad of aromas and flavors, such as caramel, honey, spicy, cherry, ginger, pepper, oak, and grape, which gives the Mars Shinshu Iwai Whisky its distinct flavor. 

Zeke Yaeger

Image from IMDb

Unlike the other Attack on Titan characters, Zeke Yaeger’s identity was revealed only later in the series. He is shown to be intelligent and curious and displays leadership qualities, but has displayed traits of being cold and ruthless, which matches the different aromas and flavors that one might get when drinking a glass of the Mars Shins Iwai Tradition Whisky. 

Throughout its run, Attack on Titan has had no shortage of interesting characters, from the strong-willed Eren to the fun-loving Sasha. And when binge-watching its episodes while you wait for its highly anticipated final season, you can open a bottle of your favorite Japanese whisky from Boozy to enjoy while watching this popular and acclaimed anime series.