Food Pairing with Riesling Wine 101

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Food Pairing with Riesling Wine 101
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Riesling pronounced as REE-SLING is an attractive wine linked with rich culture and history. Most critics claim this to be one of the world’s finest white grape varieties. Born in the Rhine Regions in Germany, its popularity has slowly grown to Bordeaux, France, Italy, Luxembourg before spreading across the globe. Many wine enthusiasts are drawn to Riesling for its refreshing, crisp flavor with a touch of fruity notes that reminds you of summer time. It is also considered one of the best food-pairing wine that goes with different dishes. 

Unwind the end of the day with a bottle of delicious Riesling or the next time you are planning a dinner party, reach for a bottle and revel in its goodness paired with tasteful cuisines. With low alcohol content and an abundance of flavor, you and your guests will definitely have a fine night. 

Fried seafood

This article will show you the right food to pair with Riesling. The idea of food pairing is to be able to create a balance between the dish and being able to do this properly will help you create a luxurious and enjoyable experience. 

1. Fried seafood favorites + Charles & Charles Riesling

Fried seafood favorites like pinaputok na pla-pla and crispy crablets make an ideal partner with Riesling. With its mild spicy flavor, this dish is perfectly paired with a bottle of Charles & Charles Riesling. Charles & Charles has a unique richness, with a touch more of the high tone key lime Mosel component that shines through to make for a more dynamic and complex profile. The fruity depth and persistent fizz of a bottle of Charles and Charles will hook into the crispy exterior and rich taste of battered, fried fish. Tartar sauce alongside will elevate the wine’s quality.

2. All time Filipino staple, Kare-Kare + Jacob’s Creek Riesling

Extremely pale with hints of green in color, Jacob’s Creek aroma envelopes with fresh lemon and Jasmines and gives an exquisite taste of citrus flavors. The next time you serve home cooked Kare-Kare, make sure to bring out a bottle of Jacob Creek’s Riesling. The tangy and citrusy flavor of Jacob Creek’s will balance out the thick and creamy peanut sauce of Kare-Kare. 

3. Spicy Sisig + Schloss Vollrads Riesling Kabinett

Elegant, fine and polished, Kabinett wines are perfect for any occasion. This rich flavored wine is a fine mix of citrus fruits, peach, and minerals all balanced in taste. Geographically framed by the Rhine and Taunus mountains in Germany, this bottle of Riesling expresses what German Rieslings are all about. A bottle of Schloss Vollrads Riesling Kabinett paired with some spicy sisig is a match made in heaven. Try it… and thank us later. 

4. Bicol Express Laing + Louis Guntrum Dry Riesling 750ml

With this riesling, you can expect to get white peaches, apricots, and juicy pears. An off-dry riesling paired with flavorful bicol express would create a superb, mouth-watering experience. The dynamite tropical fruit flavors of the Louis Guntrum with acidity and sweetness is perfect  to the spiciness and flavors of Bicol Express laing. 

What are you waiting for? The next time you’re planning to treat yourself or have a dinner party with friends, consider getting Riesling wines from Boozy and pair it with flavorful cuisines. You will never go wrong with Riesling and Asian food. Cheers to a productive week, everyone!