Explore the Unique Flavors of Tarsier Gin

Article published at: 2024년 5월 27일
Explore the Unique Flavors of Tarsier Gin
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Featured Image: Tarsier Southeast Asian Spirit. (2023). Tarsier Gin. Tarsier Southeast Asian Spirit Facebook Page. photograph. Retrieved May 24, 2024, from https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=730096559127418&set=a.393966099407134&type=3. 

Tarsier Gin is a distinctive brand that has captured the essence of Asia in each bottle, offering a unique departure from traditional gins. Originating from the United Kingdom, this brand is deeply inspired by the vibrant landscapes and rich culinary heritage of Southeast Asia. Known for its bold, exotic flavors and meticulous distillation process, Tarsier Gin is making waves in the spirits industry. In this article, we explore how Tarsier Gin stands out, and introduce three exciting flavors now available on Boozy—each bringing a taste of Asia to your glass.

Origin of Tarsier Gin

Tarsier Gin was born out of a passion for travel and a love for the diverse flavors of Southeast Asia. Inspired by the vibrant landscapes and rich culinary heritage of the region, the creators of Tarsier, based in the UK, set out to craft a gin that embodies this spirit. The name itself is derived from the Tarsier, a small primate native to Southeast Asia, symbolizing the brand's deep connection to the area and its commitment to capturing the essence of its flavors.

What Makes Tarsier Gin Different?

Unlike traditional gins, which often focus on a predominant juniper flavor, Tarsier Gin takes a bold approach by integrating a variety of Asian botanicals. This not only gives it a distinct profile but also appeals to those seeking a gin that offers complexity and a narrative of travel and discovery. Tarsier’s approach to gin-making involves distilling each botanical individually, allowing for a purer flavor profile and a better blend of its diverse ingredients.

Tarsier's New Flavors on Boozy

Tarsier Calamansi Citrus Gin

This variant is a celebration of the Calamansi, a popular citrus fruit in the Philippines. Tarsier Calamansi Citrus Gin offers a refreshing twist with its vibrant, tangy flavors balanced by a hint of sweetness. Its zesty profile makes it perfect for a citrus-forward gin and tonic or a dynamic component in more complex cocktails.

Tarsier Khao San Gin

  Inspired by the bustling streets of Bangkok’s Khao San Road, this gin is an ode to Thailand. It features a spicy mix of Thai botanicals like lemongrass, ginger, and red chili. The Khao San Gin stands out with its fiery kick and aromatic richness, ideal for those who enjoy a gin with a bit of heat and lots of character.

Tarsier Taipei Old Tom Gin

  Paying homage to the historical style of Old Tom Gin with a Taiwanese twist, the Taipei Old Tom Gin is naturally sweetened with lychee, a popular fruit found in Taiwan. The result is a smooth, well-rounded gin with subtle floral and sweet notes, making it an excellent base for both classic and innovative cocktails.


Tarsier Gin is not just another gin; it is a testament to innovation and cultural celebration. With the introduction of the Calamansi Citrus Gin, Khao San Gin, and Taipei Old Tom Gin on Boozy, Tarsier continues to push the boundaries of what gin can be. Each variant offers a unique flavor profile that is deeply rooted in the traditions and tastes of Asia, making them must-tries for gin enthusiasts and adventurous drinkers alike.