Begin your Whisky Journey with Charles & James Light; only P300!

Article published at: 2022년 9월 14일 Article tag: featured-posts
Charles & James Light
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We know --- and understand --- that whisky can be intimidating. It doesn't have to be!

You shouldn't have to miss out because if you're not so familiar with whisky, don't let it keep you from enjoying a glass in the company of others. Or solo, that works too.

Charles and James

Introducing the Charles and James Light (C&J): the perfect entry product into the world of whisky. Imported from Scotland, C&J is a Light Blended Whisky distilled and aged in oak barrels, expertly crafted for exceptional richness. Its light, sweet taste is specifically made for the Filipino palate; 25% ABV.

Charles and James Light

There's no need to leave the taste to your imagination, go ahead and try for yourself!

At only P300 a bottle, C&J has changed the whisky landscape by presenting itself at an accessible price point. With Charles and James Light, you can be assured of its quality -- this Light Blended Whisky is a product of the Whyte and Mackay Group (WMG), a multi-awarded whisky producer and the largest single malt Scotch whisky-maker in the world.

C&J Light

If you've always wanted to try whiskies, or are completely new to the world of whisky, take this as your sign to start with C&J Light. Cheers!